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Articles by Barbara Jaurequi

Employee Rivalry: Deal with It! 5 Tips for Managing Dueling Staffers

by Barbara Jaurequi
Child Psychiatrist David Levy introduced the term "sibling rivalry" in 1941. Self-explanatory in its terminology, the concept of sibling rivalry is easy to grasp. The mechanism of employee rivalry works essentially the same way, with the employees in a competitive relationship, striving for greater approval from their employer or manager.

Is Your Coworker a Jerk, or Does He Need a Doctor?

by Barbara Jaurequi
Most Americans spend the bulk of their waking hours at work. Some say that Americans’ “best” hours are given to their employers. If workers like their jobs and/or workplace, they can accept that reality without a fight. Yet, when employees find themselves working with really difficult people, life at work can be extra trying or downright exasperating!