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Articles by Boise State University

An (Artificial) River Runs Through It

by Boise State University
Everyone from the Boise, Idaho area is familiar with the scenic Boise River next to the Boise State University campus, but only a few insiders know about a hidden stream located downtown at the intersection of Broadway and Front streets. The artificial stream, called a “flume,” can be found on the ground floor of the Idaho Water Center and is the site of a collaborative research initiative by scientists from Boise State and the University of Idaho (UI). The project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Researchers Building a Computer Chip Based on the Human Brain

by Boise State University
Today’s computing chips are incredibly complex and contain billions of nano-scale transistors, allowing for fast, high-performance computers, pocket-sized smartphones that far outpace early desktop computers, and an explosion in handheld tablets. Despite their ability to perform thousands of tasks in the blink of an eye, none of these devices even come close to rivaling the computing capabilities of the human brain. At least not yet.