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Articles by Jay M. Brotman

Changing Spaces

by Robert B. Skolozdra,Barry Svigals,Jay M. Brotman
Over the last decade, traditional office and R&D designs have failed to serve new business models and employment arrangements; the results have been visible at the bottom line of balance sheets. The real bottom line is this: Better workplaces make for better business.

Design Focus: Sustainability

by Robert B. Skolozdra,Jay M. Brotman
With the issue of sustainability fast becoming ubiquitous in our culture, the benefits of green design and building are prized highly by architecture, engineering and construction professionals as well as by many in the scientific community at large.

Best and Brightest

by Robert B. Skolozdra,Jay M. Brotman
Of late, designers and operators of laboratory spaces are beginning to encourage clients to consider an unusual and often unconsidered aspect of research facilities: how laboratory design and amenities contribute to a research organizations ability to attract and retain top scientific talent.