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Articles by Jef Akst

Agreement Reached in Lab Fire Case

by Jef Akst
A University of California, Los Angeles chemist facing criminal charges after a lab accident that killed his research assistant in 2009 avoids a public trial and jail time.

A Bone-Deep Kinship

by Jef Akst
A Neanderthal rib fragment provides conclusive evidence that the ancient hominins were susceptible to a benign bone tumor of modern humans.

Finding Phasmids

by Jef Akst
Researchers rediscover a giant insect, thought to have gone extinct a century ago, and plan to reintroduce it to its native island off the coast of Australia.

Diesel Fumes Called Carcinogenic

by Jef Akst
The WHO has upgraded exhaust fumes from diesel engines from a “probable” carcinogen to a toxin that does cause cancer.