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Articles by Lina Genovesi

The Introverted Manager

by Lina Genovesi
The business world is a web of interactions revolving around social events, social media, open office environments, work teams, and group activities. Extroverts dominate the business world and thrive in that environment. 

The Procurement Process

by Lina Genovesi
Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, research organizations, universities, and government agencies are continuously under pressure to cut costs due to a generalized economic downturn. This pressure has moved the procurement process to the forefront, with managers looking to achieve better business performance through more effective management of categories, suppliers, and teams.1

Getting Heard

by Lina Genovesi
Mastering the technique of selling ideas to upper management is not just a vital part of your responsibilities as a lab manager. “[Selling your ideas] has the potential of providing you with opportunities for professional growth and career advancement,” says Glen Fine, chief executive officer at Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (and a former lab manager).

Under Attack

by Lina Genovesi
Cyber attacks against universities are on the rise, but academic and company labs are fighting back to protect their sensitive data.