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Lona Small

With nearly 40 years in medical lab science and over 20 years spearheading transformative projects, Lona Small, bring invaluable experience to the realm of medical lab leadership. As the founder of LabOPEX Training and Consulting, and a certified coach, Lona is deeply passionate about empowering new and evolving leaders in the medical lab field. Lona’s unique "LabOPEX Career Progression" model is designed to help professionals harness their strengths for career advancement and impactful leadership. Lona champions the importance of networking and collaborative leadership, having led significant hospital-wide process improvement initiatives and garnered Patient Safety awards for teamwork and innovation. Lona’s commitment as a career success coach is to mentor the next generation of leaders, guiding them to build robust professional networks, embrace collaborative opportunities, and make meaningful differences in their medical lab careers and the broader healthcare sector.

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