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Articles by Mark Lanfear

Networking Opportunities

by Mark Lanfear
Your success often depends upon networking; getting yourself out there, making connections, and enjoying face time with peers and potential employers.

The Power of Quiet Leadership

by Mark Lanfear
Many of the best, most effective leaders are introverts by nature, schoolyard nerds who grew up to be outstanding at drawing out the best in the people who work for them.

Brand Recognition is its Own Reward

by Mark Lanfear
When HR professionals talk about rewards and recognition in the workplace, it’s easy to hit the default button that leads directly to bonuses or  “attaboys.” After all, every employee appreciates a nice check or a public pat on the back for a job well done, right? Incentivizing workers this way definitely has a long-standing place in generating goodwill and improving morale with employees.

Managing Risk Takes Talent

by Mark Lanfear
Taking all the risk out of inherently risky situations has never been an easy task and probably never will be. (And no, I’m not talking about the Seahawks throwing a pass at the goal line instead of just running it in Super Bowl XLIX.) But for some industries and businesses, managing risk more successfully than others has become almost second nature.

Working Together Makes Change Work

by Mark Lanfear
Screenwriters know there is a magic formula called “structure” that must be adhered to when writing a successful script. A key element is what occurs at the nine-minute mark in a film. That’s when the hero’s life undergoes a change that forces them to take action and regain their footing, which catalyzes the triumphant conclusion.