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Nuclera is the leading pioneer in making biology accessible through desktop enzymatic protein and gene synthesis. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Nuclera was founded in 2013 by four PhD students at the University of Cambridge who were frustrated by the inaccessibility of biology. Nuclera has since grown to 57 employees across two continents as the company delivers on its founders’ vision to make biology accessible to everyone through desktop bioprinting. With desktop bioprinting, researchers and scientists will be empowered to take control of biology through streamlined access to a next-day supply of proteins and genes. Three exciting Nuclera technologies protected by 45+ patents enable Nuclera’s desktop bioprinter: enzymatic protein synthesis, enzymatic gene synthesis, and digital microfluidics. The combination of these technologies in a deployable desktop bioprinting platform create an unprecedented one-stop shop ecosystem that enables Nuclera to provide consistent biological workflows, products, and information to its customers. To be a part of Nuclera’s effort, or to simply learn more, please visit

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