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Articles by Rich Pennock

Science Matters: Want Your Workforce to Thrive? Innovate!

by Rich Pennock
As scientists around the globe research cures and treatments for diseases, work to increase the data capacities of the information superhighway, and develop methods to clean the environment, they must also take time to contemplate the future of their industry, especially after the economic downturn of 2009.

Science Matters: Free Agency

by Rich Pennock
What leads individuals to pursue a career in freelancing? What do they find most appealing about free-agent work in the scientific industry? In order to better understand the positives of contract scientific employment, Rich Pennock interviewed four former and current freelance scientists.

Salary and Job Satisfaction by Region

by Rich Pennock
According to salary survey respondents from four different regions around the country, it seems that a majority of science professionals are very satisfied with their current positions.

Standing Out in a Challenging Economy

by Rich Pennock
In spite of society's dependency on the sciences to maintain a high quality of life, science professionals are not immune from the realities of the current economic downturn.

How to Retain Top Talent

by Rich Pennock
Retention programs are as diverse as the businesses that implement them, but an ideal retention strategy is comprised of three key elements.