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Terry Haley, PhD

Before devoting his time to Just One Security, Terry Haley, PhD, served as the director of research technology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the top five comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. Primary obligations were to support the technology and operations for 200 independent research labs that spanned laboratory research to complex machine learning applications. Versed in translating research needs into technology solutions, Terry now leverages his experience to act as a consultant, translator, and facilitator for research organizations that find cybersecurity a deep challenge. At Just One Security, he serves as the primary consultant for the implementation of security policy, strategy, and frameworks. Terry holds a BS in computer science and a PhD in molecular genetics. The coolest technology Terry developed was a 3D protein modeling and visualization system that ran on an SGI CAVE at the VR lab at Stennis Space Center in the early days of 3D animation.

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