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Articles by University of Haifa

Contrary to Conventional Wisdom, Young People’s Brains Cope with Stress in a Completely Different Way to Adults

by University of Haifa
Young people’s brains cope with stress in a completely different way to adults, in complete contrast to the conventional wisdom that the brains of humans of all ages act similarly. This is the conclusion of a study conducted on rats at the University of Haifa. The study found that young rats not only extinguished fear much more rapidly, but that while in adult rats the plasticity of the prefrontal cortex declined, among young rats a different mechanism actually enhances plasticity.

It is Beneficial to Express Genuine Benevolent Emotions for Others

by University of Haifa
Do you work in customer services? If you do, it is better to express your positive interpersonal  feelings naturally. Suppressing the benevolent interpersonal emotions of employees for customers has a negative impact on customer satisfaction, as indicated for the first time in a new study conducted by Prof. Dana Yagil of the Department of Human Services at the University of Haifa. The study was published in the journal Motivation and Emotion. “Suppression of positive interpersonal emotions is contrary to natural behavior in social interactions,” said the researcher.