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Automated Sample Preparation Buyer's Guide

Automated sample preparation is now available for a wide variety of sample types.

by Lab Manager
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Switching to automation allows scientists to perform other, more complex tasks, increasing the efficiency of your lab. Automation also eliminates human error, leading to more reliable and reproducible sample preparation.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Automated Liquid Handling System

  1. Where would automation be most effective in improving the efficiency of your sample preparation? 
  2. Can the instrument be used to prepare multiple types of samples? 
  3. Do you have enough bench space to accommodate the instrument?
  4. Can the programs be customized to meet your sample prep needs? 
  5. How expensive are replacement parts for the instrument?

Safety Tip

Automated sample preparation can help protect your lab workers against repetitive strain injuries caused by frequent pipetting. However, there are other safety features to consider when purchasing one of these  instruments. Look for options such as guards to prevent workers from putting their hands near the machine when it is running. You should also look for models with sensors that will automatically stop the instrument 
in case a foreign object enters the work area.

Maintenance Tip

Automated sample preparation systems have many moving parts. Maintenance of your instrument is vital to preventing major breakdowns, costly repairs, and unnecessary down time. When purchasing your  instrument, decide on a maintenance plan right from the beginning. Available options include working with the manufacturer directly, with a third-party maintenance service, or with your in-house service team. Take
the time to figure out which optionwill work best for you.

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