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Automation Resource Guide

Automation Resource Guide

Reduced variability, increased reproducibility, and higher efficiency are just some of the benefits of laboratory automation

by Lab Manager

Laboratory automation is capable of performing a variety of tasks including microplate handling, sample preparation, and automated liquid handling. Though this equipment comes with a high price tag, it will improve the quality of your data by reducing variability and errors and increasing reproducibility. Automation will also improve your efficiency and prevent injuries as these instruments are able to perform repetitive tasks around the clock. When purchasing, users need to decide what throughput they require, what their future needs will entail, and whether they want a dedicated or a multipurpose system.

In this eBook you will learn about:

  • Questions to ask when buying laboratory automation equipment
  • Automating your lab
  • Automating sample preparation
  • Automated liquid handlers
  • How robotic workstations reduce human error in the laboratory
  • Automation and robotics in laboratory design