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Balances, Weighing, and the New European Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.1.7

FAQ - Be compliant with 'Balances for Analytical Purposes'

by Sartorius

On January 1st, 2022, the new Chapter 2.1.7, published by the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) and pertaining to balances used for analytical purposes, became effective. The Ph.Eur. is the legally binding reference for all pharmaceutical companies placing pharmaceutical products in the market of European member states.

The pharma software package available for Cubis® II balances helps customers successfully meet the requirements set by both the new Ph.Eur. chapter 2.1.7 and the USP, chapter 41. The minimum weight application monitors the weight determined by the USP Advanced QApp and checks it against permitted ranges as per different guidelines. These applications can be paired with add-on advanced software programs for determining and monitoring the measurement uncertainty.

Download 18 FAQ and learn how to be compliant with Ph.Eur.