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News: BioConference Live

Event Details
BioConference Live

The online-only conference for the life science & clinical diagnostics community.

BioConference Live

BioConference Live,is an information breakthrough online-only event (October 26th, 27th, 2011), focused on the Life Science community

Topics Include:

Drug Discovery

Cancer Research



Live streaming video presentations from life science and neuroscience thought leaders - with the opportunity for attendees to text questions of these experts in real-time.

Industry-specific tracks of live video, panel presentations, and keynote presentations

A virtual exhibit floor and virtual booths featuring several of the leading technology product and service providers.

Live chat among attendees and exhibitors, with the opportunity to easily exchange contact information and collect materials in a virtual briefcase

Meet-the-Expert live video chats that will provide attendees access to experts in specific Life Science areas

An emerging technology showcase featuring award winning companies with scientific products or services.  Attendees can save and download information from exhibitor booths, presentations and a resource center.

A virtual conference provides advantages including:

•       “No travel or out of office costs”

•       Greater access to content

•       Real-time networking

•       Interactivity

•       A truly global event

•       More efficient use of time and resources

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