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BioIVT Acquires Qualyst Transporter Solutions, Enables Researchers to Predict New Drug Candidates’ Impact on the Liver

Acquisition will expand BioIVT’s ADME-Toxicology product line

by BioIVT
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Westbury, NY  – BioIVT, a leading provider of biospecimens and related services, today (Sept. 7) announced that it has acquired Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC. Qualyst provides in vitro hepatic models and services that predict the effect of drugs and other compounds on the human liver in the pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer products, and cosmetics industries. 

Qualyst uses a unique cell-based testing approach to predict compound clearance, drug-drug interactions, and toxicity in the human liver. In fact, it established the industry standard for hepatocytes; its Transporter Certified™ hepatocyte program ensures that cells, under defined culture conditions, maintain physiologic transporter uptake and efflux levels which are critical for normal function. 

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BioIVT offers high quality, consistent human and animal hepatocyte and subcellular products to advance drug metabolism and toxicology research. It leads the industry by providing the largest and most diverse hepatocyte inventory to researchers in this field. 

BioIVT chief executive officer Jeffrey GatzBioIVT chief executive officer Jeffrey GatzPhoto courtesy of BioIVT“There is an increasing global demand for in vitro models that can better predict a new drug candidate’s likely impact on the human body. The goal is to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the drug discovery and development process,” said BioIVT chief executive officer Jeffrey Gatz. “Our clients are looking for more comprehensive answers to their ADMET questions and also seeking integrated models that can provide them with a greater understanding of pertinent disease states. Our Qualyst acquisition will enable us to meet those needs. We are delighted to have their staff join our rapidly growing organization.” 

“BioIVT is making a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions to broaden its portfolio. The Qualyst acquisition will further strengthen its ADME-toxicology product line and its position as a trusted resource for researchers exploring the safety and efficacy of therapeutics,” said BioIVT chairman David Spaight. “It also brings additional intellectual property to the company including three patents and two patent applications.” 

“We are delighted to be joining BioIVT at this exciting time, and in particular expanding our ability to deliver higher quality, next-generation products and testing services to our clients,” said Qualyst chief executive officer Dr. Christopher Black. 

This Qualyst transaction closely follows BioIVT’s Aug. 10 acquisition of Asterand Bioscience™, a global provider of high quality, well-characterized human tissue and research solutions focused on the oncology market. 

Qualyst will retain its existing headquarters in Durham, NC. Financial details about the transaction were not disclosed. 

About Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC

Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC (Qualyst) provides in vitro hepatic models to predict the effect of drugs and other compounds on the human liver. Qualyst’s in vitro models integrate hepatic uptake, metabolism, regulation, and efflux and demonstrate superior in vitro-in vivo correlation compared to conventional systems. Qualyst’s proprietary technology, products, and services are used by leading pharmaceutical, nutrition, cosmetics and consumer products, and chemical companies to provide clinically-relevant answers to liver-related questions, and to address regulatory concerns about their products. 

About BioIVT

BioIVT, formerly known as BioreclamationIVT, is a worldwide provider of biological products to the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. The company specializes in control and disease-state matrices manufactured from human and animal biological specimens and has recently expanded its offering to include cell processing and phenotypic screening services. As a premier supplier of ADME-toxicology model systems, BioIVT enables scientists and biomedical researchers to better understand the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism of newly discovered compounds and the effects on disease processes. BioIVT’s reputation for providing exceptional customer service coupled with the highest quality specimens and services have made it the first-choice supplier for biospecimens for more than 35 years. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @BiorecIVT.