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Bioz Launches Ambassador Program to Accelerate the Pace of Scientific Research and Drug Discovery

New software startup experiences enormous worldwide adoption of industry’s first search engine built for life science experimentation

by Bioz
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PALO ALTO, Calif. – Sept. 13, 2016 –Bioz, Inc., a company that launched from stealth in July with the introduction of the world’s first search engine for life science experimentation, today announced launch of the official Bioz Ambassador Program to researchers. Ambassadors around the world are an integral part of the Bioz movement. By joining the Bioz program, Ambassadors will help further accelerate drug discovery and scientific research toward finding cures for diseases ranging from cancer to Zika, diabetes, and more. 

“In the spirit of advancing life science experimentation, we are thrilled to officially launch the Bioz Ambassador Program to researchers worldwide,” said Daniel Levitt, co-founder and CEO of Bioz. “Because Bioz has so radically disrupted the previous methods and time spent finding and sharing experimentation information, we’ve amassed an incredible and dedicated community in a short period of time. Currently, users come from 89 percent of the world’s countries. The Ambassador Program brings together our loyal and passionate users who work on every facet of life science research and see first-hand the value of Bioz. The enthusiasm and passion for sharing how Bioz is improving their research has been overwhelming.” 

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Ambassadors believe that Bioz’ application of advanced software technology to life science research is revolutionizing the experimentation process, and will lead to faster discovery of cures for diseases, with the potential to change the world. At its heart, the Bioz movement reflects the need for and the value of greater transparency and efficiency in life science research. Bioz strives to reach all of the world’s life science researchers, to bring them tremendous value from structured scientific data, to help them to make well-informed decisions when conducting their experiments. 

“As a graduate research assistant and lab manager, selecting the best reagents, consumables and lab equipment for my experiments is of utmost importance,” said Damian Wang, who is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. “As an early member of the Bioz Ambassador Program, I have witnessed firsthand how being an integral part of Bioz’s ‘inner circle’ has helped me to conduct better research. Now, as a senior member of the Bioz Ambassador Program, I am working with other Bioz Ambassadors and researchers to spread the word and increase awareness for Bioz, so that researchers around the world can also benefit from using the Bioz platform to perform quicker, better and more cost-effective experiments.”

A new research paper is published roughly every 10 seconds. The Bioz software architecture taps the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to mine and structure hundreds of millions of pages of complex and unstructured scientific papers, placing an unprecedented amount of summarized scientific experimentation knowledge at researchers’ fingertips. The platform helps researchers quickly select products, plan experiments, write papers, apply for grants and collaborate, ultimately speeding up experimentation and drug discovery. 

The scientific community also benefits from Bioz Stars, a recently launched unbiased rating system to help scientists to quickly identify the right products to use for their experiments. It’s estimated that researchers in academia and biopharma spend $80 billion annually to purchase millions of products for use in life science experiments. Some of these products have high failure rates and yet – prior to Bioz – there was no easy way for researchers to quickly find, compare and select the best products for their specific assays and experiments. 

Bioz Stars provides unbiased and objective algorithmic ratings that are displayed for over 200 million life science products, tools, reagents, lab equipment, instruments, assays and kits. The technology is based on the analysis of millions of peer-reviewed papers using a groundbreaking algorithm with weighted quantitative and qualitative parameters. 

The Bioz technology has been broadly welcomed in scientific communities around the world. Currently, over 40,000 users from academic research labs and industry R&D labs are using Bioz from more than 170 countries and over 4,000 universities and biopharma companies. The company was co-founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO Daniel Levitt, and accomplished Stanford research scientist Karin Lachmi, PhD, who serves as Chief Scientific Officer. 

The Bioz Ambassador Program includes expert users who have had tremendous success using the Bioz cloud platform when selecting reagents and tools for their experiments, and when conducting research. For more information on the program and its current members, visit:

New Ambassador Program members are an important part of the growing community of researchers who are rapidly spreading the word about Bioz, so that their colleagues can also dramatically improve their research, and ultimately make faster and smarter research experimentation decisions. New potential members can apply within their Bioz user profile or by emailing

The Bioz platform is available free to researchers. Visit, and start using Bioz today to find the best products for your experiments. 

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