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Boost Your Communication Skills at Lab Manager’s Bootcamp 2012 at Pittcon

Communication skills expert Pamela Jett to run this year’s seminar in Orlando.

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Communication skills expert Pamela Jett to run this year’s seminar in Orlando

If you are among the many lab managers who find themselves at a loss for words or wish you could communicate with more confidence – especially when on the spot – Lab Manager Magazine’s Bootcamp 2012 could be the perfect fit for you.

This year’s free seminar, “Words Matter: Effective Communication in Your Lab” takes place Monday, March 12 at Pittcon 2012 in Orlando, Florida and aims to teach managers remarkable communication techniques proven to better relationships at work and at home.

Communication skills expert Pamela Jett will share surprising facts about how most professionals are sabotaging their communication success, turning some traditional notions about "good communication" upside down as she shows registrants how they can improve their skills.

To learn more details about this event or to register, be sure to visit as soon as you can since space is limited.

Lab Manager has been holding its annual Bootcamp since 2009 when it featured the LabAct program which used Improv Theater to help professionals develop solutions to common problems in the lab. In 2010, professional speaker Jeff Tobe shared his tips on how managers can improve their creativity with his presentation "Coloring Outside the Lines." Last year's event, led by Gregg Gregory, helped participants build their teamwork and collaboration skills.