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Lab Manager's Business Management Digital Summit
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Business Management Digital Summit

Identifying and Communicating Your Lab's Business Priorities

January 24-25, 2023
From 11 AM EST

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Running a lab is very similar to running a business—it requires people management, financing, a thorough plan with clear goals, and an informed leader to be successful. Lab managers are responsible for hiring and training new personnel, purchasing instruments, maintaining equipment, and overseeing the daily operation of the lab. The role also includes communication, paperwork, regulatory and safety compliance, collecting data, and records keeping, along with financial responsibilities, such as budget planning and grant applications—all with finite time and resources.

Lab Manager will host industry experts speaking on these issues and more during its Business Management Digital Summit on January 24-25. Hear from top leaders in the industry as they explain how to prioritize your lab’s needs, build a convincing business case, and effectively communicate the plan to your line management and appropriate lab staff. Learn how to develop a workflow that allows you to focus on your tasks without getting lost in paperwork and red tape. An audience Q&A session will follow each session. Register for free to attend this educational event that will offer valuable guidance as you address your lab’s business and financial concerns.

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