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Lab Balances

Find out all the latest trends in lab balances and what you should know before buying one.

Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Lab Balance

1. What is the heaviest sample you will weigh (including container weight) and what is the lightest sample?

2. What is the required +/- tolerance of your lightest sample?

3. How many decimal places in grams do you require for the displayed weight?

4. What type of samples will you be weighing and do you need to take into consideration the size of the weighing surface or the securing of a tare container?

5. Is on-site service available from a factory-trained service technician?

6. Do you need to interface the balance to another device such as a computer, printer, bar code reader, etc.?


Number of balances used in respondents’ labs, based on our most recent balances survey:

1 13%
2 23%
3 18%
4 12%
5 or more 39%

Types of balances respondents use in their labs:

Analytical balance 38%
Microbalance 8%
Portable balance 8%
Precision balance 23%
Top-loading balance 23%
Other 1%

Primary purpose for balances in the lab:

Research 42%
Quality control 29%
Production 13%
Clinical 7%
Other 10%

Balance components respondents are using in their labs:

Moisture analyzer 11%
Vibration isolation table 15%
Balance enclosure 19%
Balance printer 10%
Calibration weights 42%
Other 2%

Factors/features that influence our reader’s decision-making process the most when they are buying a balance:

Reliability 98%
Durability 94%
Low maintenance 90%
High precision 88%
Price 87%
Easy cleaning 82%
Reputation 81%
Past experience 78%
Auto calibration 72%
Sealed control panel 57%
Currently using 55%
Recommendation 51%
Large display 34%
Communication port 33%


Recently Released Lab Balances

NewClassic MS105 Convertible Balance
• Converts easily from a laboratory balance with 0.01 mg readability into a stand-alone pipette check-station
• An evaporation trap is the only external device needed if the pipetting volume is smaller than 50 μ g
• Trap keeps humidity levels stable during the check and thus minimizes evaporation for accurate testing

Mettler Toledo

Symmetry® MB Moisture Determination Balances
• Feature an automatic test setting to run multiple tests quickly
• An internal memory bank stores a range of test procedures that can be recalled at the touch of a button
• Delivers results in grams, % moisture, % solids, % moisture vs dry weight, and % solid vs dry weight


XA 82/220/2Y
• Features intuitive operation and high operating comfort
• Includes user-defined settings and a range of functions and applications • Autotest system allows automatic control of balance’s quality
• Also lets users transfer and exchange data between balances
• Designed and manufactured in Poland


ASTM Class 6 Weight Set
• Simplifies daily quality control checks for balances and scales and calibration before procedures
• Feature 12 stainless steel weights that come cradled in foam, inside a wooden box, and include tweezers for proper handling without touching
• Available in nine variations including 50g x 10mg, 500g x 1g, 2000g x 1g, and several other scale calibration sizes



Lab Balance Manufacturers

A and D
Adam Equipment
Alliance Scale
Denver Instrument Company
Gram Precision
Weighing Technology
Masterline Group
Mettler Toledo
Rice Lake
Thermo Fisher Scientific