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Call for Speakers - Lab Manager Digital Summits

Lab Manager seeks expert speakers for upcoming virtual conferences

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Lab Manager is proud to host a series of digital summits in order to provide our readers with detailed information around many different aspects of lab management. Each summit agenda has been thoughtfully developed by our editorial team to offer an interesting multi-day lineup of informative presentations from a variety of expert speakers, who are eager to share their knowledge and experience. Each session offers an audience Q&A session to enable you to gather specific feedback from the expert speakers. A variety of topics are covered in these digital summits, to help you solve your greatest challenges in the lab.  A list of current and archived digital summits can be found at

We invite our readers to participate in these digital summits by sharing their ideas, strategies, and solutions with our audience, so that they may implement them in their own workplaces and lead their lab teams to success. We welcome lab managers, supervisors, facility managers, research scientists, academics, and other industry leaders to present during our digital summits. Each webinar is one hour long, with about 40 minutes of speaker content and 15 minutes of audience Q&A. Provide educational insight on how these viewers can run their labs like a business, with action items that they can implement in the near future in order to optimize their process and help their staff. 

Topics covered by these digital events include, but are not limited to: asset management, lab design, women leaders in science, laboratory safety, green labs and sustainability, quality and compliance concerns in the lab, automation, lab management and leadership, and the lab of the future. These webinars must be original to Lab Manager and non-commercial in nature, and they will be offered as OnDemand videos after the conclusion of the live digital event. 

Interested speakers should prepare a 1-2 paragraph summary of their proposed webinar, detailing what the presentation will cover, what the audience can expect to learn, and why it is beneficial for lab managers to attend the webinar. Include three to four key takeaways to help our audience understand the benefits of your session. Send your summary along with a brief professional bio to MaryBeth DiDonna, digital events editor, at

Thank you for your interest in Lab Manager’s digital summits!