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Carl Zeiss Announces Trade Up Program for Products

Trade up your current equipment for new, state-of-the-art confocal system.

by Carl Zeiss
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Trade up your current equipment for new, state-of-the-art confocal

Carl Zeiss Microscopy, a company of the Carl Zeiss Group and leading provider of light, laser-scanning and electron and ion beam microscopes, announces a new program which allows users to trade in their current Zeiss systems for credit towards a new 7-series laser scanning, spectral confocal system. The old products that are being accepted for trade in are the LSM 510, LSM 5 LIVE, LSM 5 Pascal or Bio-Rad confocal. The credit from trading in your old systems can be applied to Zeiss’ LSM 780, LSM 710 or LSM 700 systems.

Users can take advantage of this offer now, or secure it for the long term, by submitting a grant for a Zeiss system before September 30, 2012, and Zeiss will honor this pricing until the grant is funded. In addition, Zeiss will actively support all participants in the grant writing process through preliminary data collection, technical specification assistance, or justification of equipment need.

For all the details on the trade up program, visit