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CellInsight CX7 LZR Pro High-Content Screening Instrument Platform

High-content screening performance for lightning-fast discovery

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Publication-quality imaging

Designed to provide automated imaging versatility and accelerated throughput for the fastest time-to-data possible. Choose from widefield, confocal, or brightfield automated imaging modes, all within one protocol. Our instruments provide up to 12 colors to choose from, from ultraviolet through near-infrared fluorescence and multicolor brightfield imaging to enable flexible imaging paradigms. Finally, our systems are engineered with speed in mind, enabling real-time imaging and analysis conducted in parallel for the fastest time-to-data possible.     

Onboard real-time analysis software

Expertly balances flexibility and ease of use to enable meaningful data analysis from single cells through populations. Parallel imaging and analysis offers true real-time results—fast. 

Store image and database management software

Thermo Scientific Store™ Image and Database Management Software is a SQL™ or Oracle™ relational database used for storing and managing the images and data automatically transferred from an HCS instrument or imported from another imaging source. It allows for rapid, highly scalable, global access to both data and images. Use the Store Image and Database Management Software after you have collected data and images.

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A photo of the Thermo Fisher Scientific CellInsight CX7 Pro and CX7 LZR Pro High-Content Screening Instrument Platforms

For scientists conducting drug discovery research who need to expand and accelerate assay development and screening performance, our Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 Pro and CellInsight CX7 LZR Pro instruments are premium-content screening platforms. They offer superior imaging quality, objective lens performance and time-to-data, enabling access to new assays such as Fireplex-HT and Cell Painting.

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