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Cleanroom Equipment Buyer's Guide

Five questions to ask when purchasing cleanroom equipment

by Lab Manager
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Cleanroom equipment needs to meet specific criteria to ensure sterility and protect the surrounding environment from any hazards. The material used in a cleanroom must be selected carefully to avoid any  equipment that could collect or shed contaminants such as dust, or that is difficult to sterilize.

5 Questions to ask when purchasing cleanroom equipment

  1. What applications will you be using the cleanroom for? What specifications will the room need to meet?
  2. What equipment will you need for your cleanroom experiments? What size cleanroom will be required to accommodate that equipment?
  3. What workflow will you follow when entering and exiting the cleanroom? What storage solutions are available for your PPE such as booties, gowns, and masks that need to be stored?
  4. How easy is the equipment to maintain and keep clean?
  5. Is the cleanroom modular? Can the configuration be modified in the future as your needs change?

Purchasing Tip

Many manufacturers construct “turnkey” cleanrooms for laboratory applications. These rooms are standalone structures, separate from the existing infrastructure in your lab, and can be installed anywhere. They use recirculated, filtered air and therefore do not need to be connected to a ventilation system. For this reason, they are often less expensive than custom cleanrooms and may be a good solution for labs working on a budget.

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