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CO2 Incubators Resource Guide

Unlocking successful growth: incubator maintenance and care

Proper maintenance and care of incubators are instrumental in the support and growth of live samples. Regularly maintaining and caring for your incubator ensures your unit remains consistent in performance and sustains precise conditions over extended periods for successful experiments and reliable results. This is vital for cell health and viability, preventing contamination, data reproducibility, calibration and accuracy, and instrument longevity. 

CO2 Incubators Resource Guide

Starting from manufacturer guidelines and recommendations, various tasks must be considered when performing maintenance on your incubator. This includes routine cleaning of interiors, calibration of parameters, physical inspection of the unit, and other aspects such as the airflow and gas supply, to name a few. Keeping up with these tasks helps improve repeatability and prevent contamination, contributing to healthy, productive cultures.

Timely maintenance of your incubator ensures trouble-free functionality and accurate results predictive of the in vivo environment. While the relevant steps may differ depending on the incubator model, there are several best practices for labs to adapt.

In this eBook, you will learn about:

  • Guiding principles on purchasing a new incubator
  • Critical specs and parameters to evaluate and properly maintain your incubator
  • Preventing biological contamination in your incubator
  • Insights on incubators as precision tools for drug discovery and temperature-dependent growth of microorganisms

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