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NuAire is recognized for its expertise in providing laboratory equipment that ensures the highest levels of protection for both product and personnel. Specializing in biosafety cabinets, CO2 incubators, and contamination control, NuAire is dedicated to offering sustainable, safe, and efficient solutions for life sciences, drug discovery, and microbiological research. Their commitment to quality and innovation supports laboratories in achieving their research objectives with safety and precision.
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Blizzard™ NU-99729VFT -86°C ULT Freezer by NuAire

by NuAire
The Blizzard™ NU-99729VFT (Variable Frequency & Touchscreen) -86°C Ultralow Temperature (ULT) Freezer boasts greater temperature uniformity, fast recovery times, and environmentally safe HC refrigerants for cell samples and vaccines. Choose NuAire as the safer choice for your cold storage needs!