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Consolidation and Cost Savings using new Quality Control Solutions targeted for new Integrated Instrument Systems

With the introduction of the new Thermo Scientific MAS Omni quality control products, clinical laboratories can streamline and reduce daily QC testing requirements.

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

With the introduction of the new Thermo Scientific MAS Omni quality control products, clinical laboratories can streamline and reduce daily QC testing requirements. The MAS Omni control offering provides consolidation of both routine and specialty testing in the areas of immunoassay, clinical chemistry and serum protein testing. Three unique MAS Omni controls are offered: MAS Omni•IMMUNE, Omni•IMMUNE PRO and Omni•CORE. These controls are targeted for use on the new generation of integrated instrument systems from Abbott Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Tosoh Biosciences. MAS Omni controls offer a much needed consolidation of routine QC testing to align with these new instrument technologies.

Quality control testing in the clinical laboratory has been slow to adapt to the new technologies available to users. These include communication enhancements with increased reliability on the Internet and most importantly, the consolidation of multiple testing technologies into a single instrument system. Several years ago, it was considered the standard practice to utilize dedicated instruments for each technology used within the laboratory. Instrument manufacturers have driven the integration of technologies to the point where virtually all testing completed by a medium to large laboratory can now be performed on just a single instrument or multiples of the same instrument bolted together to form a singular workflow solution.

Quality control during this time has been primarily focused on creation of new products to cover the new assays being introduced to the clinical laboratory. There had been little to no focus on consolidating individual QC products to better align with the new customer testing requirements. With the launch of Thermo Scientific MAS Omni controls, the focal point has now shifted to better align with the next generation laboratory, the newer instruments and making consolidation now a reality.

MAS Omni controls are focused towards consolidation of two key areas of testing: immunoassay and clinical chemistry. MAS Omni•IMMUNE and MAS Omni•IMMUNE PRO products combine routine immunoassay analytes, cancer markers and several specialty analytes including Vitamin D and PTH. While the MAS Omni•IMMUNE PRO provides Anti-Tg, Anti-TPO and SHBG in addition to the MAS Omni•IMMUNE control product.

MAS Omni•CORE combines the traditional “core laboratory” clinical chemistry with serum protein/immunology analytes including CRP and Rheumatoid Factor. By offering the combination of multiple control products into a few, all encompassing products the clinical laboratory is offered a solution to the day-to-day tedium related to QC testing.

Laboratories will see significant efficiency improvements across several areas of the laboratory through reduced part numbers to maintain, less space required to store QC and the freeing up of valuable rack space on instrumentation that can be better utilized with patient samples. The MAS Omni control consolidation concept is new but when considered it makes absolute sense when compared with the instrument technology now used routinely in the clinical laboratory reliability and quality.

The MAS Omni Controls are targeted towards the following instrument systems:

Abbott Architect ci Systems
Beckman Coulter UniCel Dxl/DxC Systems
Beckman Coulter Access/Access II
Roche Cobas 6000
Roche Modular/Elecsys Systems
OCD VITROS Immunoassay Systems
Siemens Dimension Vista
Siemens Centaur/Centaur CP
Siemens Immuilite Systems
Tosoh AIA Systems

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