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COVID-19 Sample Tracking for Private Diagnostic Labs

COVID-19 Sample Tracking for Private Diagnostic Labs

Improved workflow increases productivity, reduces cost and incorrect sample identification

by Ziath

With the increasing pressure of widespread testing across many nations around the world, many privately held diagnostic labs are turning their attention to the new possibilities offered by community COVID-19 screening and testing. While the basic principle of using “gold standard” PCR test kits is now well established, there are still some issues surrounding the selection of consumables and the tracking of patient samples from point-of-sampling through the workflow to an end result.

This article, courtesy of Ziath, looks at how 2D-bar coded tubes, tube readers, and automatic tube selectors can significantly improve workflow automation and thereby reduce costs through quicker processing times, while simultaneously reducing the risk of cross-sampling or losing samples all together.

Download the white paper to learn how automated sample tracking can improve workflows, courtesy of Ziath.