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Cryogenic Preservation without Liquid Nitrogen

Air phase cryogenic storage can eliminate the need for costly, hazardous liquid nitrogen


PHCbi brand ULT freezers are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures necessary for vaccine storage.

by PHC Corporation of North America
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Q: Cryogenic preservation of samples and cells can be costly, dangerous, and cumbersome

The handling of LN2 tanks can be challenging and bog down laboratory workflow. Ensuring that your inventory has appropriate temperature preservation at the cryogenic level can be critical. While it does indeed offer excellent long-term storage capability, liquid nitrogen can be dangerous to work with and requires additional investment.

A:Safe and economical air phase cryogenic storage without liquid nitrogen

Consider the benefits of mechanical cryopreservation. The PHCbi brand MDF-C2156VANCPAoffers tight temperature uniformity at -150°C, +/- 5°C, and can eliminate consumption ofLN2. This small footprint cryopreservation model can accommodate up to 165 two-inch boxes and leverages standard 220V power requirements. Using this air phase storage system lowers total costs of ownership through reduced energy usage, lowered reliance upon LN2, and decreased safety concerns.

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