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Streamlined method development

Choose from four heating modes—standard, quick, step, and ramp—to tailor the heating process for all sample types, ensuring maximum accuracy and precision.

Safety and reliability

Enjoy a safe working environment with cool-touch handles and an ergonomic design that prevents excessive heat, enhancing the efficiency of sample movements. Automated self-check functions, including temperature control checks, guarantee maximum safety and repeatable performance.

Flexible heating methods

Optimize heating time with five selectable methods: STANDARD, QUICK, AUTOMATIC, TIMER, and MANUAL, aligning seamlessly with end-user SOPs.

Ease of operation

Track the test progress effortlessly through the translucent window, ensuring visibility of the heating process. A Quick Reference Card for convenient operation is installed at the bottom of the analyzer.

Compliant and traceable reporting

Seamless data interface with RS-232C and industry-exclusive WinCT-Moisture software for setting up new methods, determining measurement conditions, and optimizing testing time and accuracy. Utilize the data memory function to store, recall, or output test results for additional analysis. Ensure compliance with GLP, GMP, and ISO standards, featuring date/time, ID, calibration data, and check record outputs.

User-friendly interface

The clear and easily viewable control panel, featuring a large VFD display, simplifies method setup and facilitates the swift review of test results.

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Intuitive operation, optimal results

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