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Don't Let Your Monitoring System Inhibit Discovery

Easy-to-use sensor technology and silo-free data storage are essential for lab-wide connection and peace of mind

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

Elemental Machines Universal Connected LabOps Platform empowers labs with universal, real-time monitoring and alerting via a single cloud-based dashboard. Informing the platform is an arsenal of turnkey sensors that draw data from any asset, new or old, as well as the lab environment itself

by Elemental Machines
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Q: How can you monitor disparate data from new and old lab equipment in real time?

As IoT technology has entered the mainstream, many labs have onboarded multiple technologies using redundant or incompatible reporting platforms. While well-intentioned, the result is data that is siloed at best or inaccessible to stakeholders at worst. As pandemic policies reduced some lab crews and sent others home to work remotely, the importance of real time monitoring and alerting has evolved from helpful to essential. For many labs, the only question that remains is how to vet the potential solutions that exist.

A:A single comprehensive IoT solution is key to ensuring the wellbeing and optimization of the modern lab.

Data without context is data without utility. True awareness of a lab’s activity requires alerting and reporting from every asset and the lab environment itself. For such a wide technological deployment, simplicity during both setup and operation is key. Look for a single solution that facilitates the full user experience, including universal sensors for various assets and ambient conditions, a setup process that reduces or eliminates the need for IT involvement, backup data reporting amidst unforeseen power or WiFi outages, and a single data management system that unites a lab’s countless data points in an easy-to-use platform compatible with existing systems.

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