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Editorial Submissions

Interested in writing for us? Please see our submission guidelines below

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We are eager to hear from you! If you have material you'd like to submit for publication in Lab Manager, please read the guidelines listed below and contact our managing editor:

Managing Editor
Lauren Everett

Author Guidelines


Lab Manager is a printed publication of resources, products, and information for today's laboratory manager. We feature articles relating to management, technology, and equipment common to laboratories in industry, medicine, government, private sector, universities, and biotechnology. Articles should address some aspect of laboratory management from the perspective of a professional who is both a scientist and a manager. Topic areas would include: managing budgets, personnel, technology, information, funding, training, safety, risk, expansion, building or renovation, among others related to the role of a lab manager.

Article Queries

The article review process should begin with a query by e-mail or phone followed by a brief abstract or outline. Please state your topic and objective, and indicate your perspective as well as your professional relationship to the topic. Content must be unbiased and cannot promote a particular product or company.

Article Guidelines

Article length may range from 1,200 to 1,600 words. All articles must be submitted electronically via e-mail. Submit as MS Word (.doc) files. 

Every article should be supported by one or more color images, graphs, charts, or other illustrations. Authors must:

  • Reference each image in the text. Indicate the approximate position of each image in the text and provide a caption.
  • Submit graphics files in high resolution (at least 300 dpi) TIFF, JPEG, or EPS format. Do not embed images into the document. Graphics files should be sent via e-mail.

Use of Copyrighted Materials, and Simultaneous Submissions

Authors must secure permission to reproduce images or other material obtained from other sources and provide an appropriate credit line. Previously published text will be accepted only if:

  • The editors have been informed of previous publication
  • The information has not been previously widely circulated to this readership
  • Written permission for publication is obtained (by the author) from the original source

Although exclusive submissions are strongly preferred, simultaneous submissions in noncompetitive markets will be considered on the understanding that authors inform the editors upon submission. Under no circumstances can the editors consider a manuscript that is currently in production at a competitive publication.


Original unedited manuscripts remain the property of the author. Work published in Lab Manager is copyrighted with the magazine; ownership of the work in its final, edited form remains with Lab Manager. Author grants Lab Manager the unlimited, non-exclusive right to republish and reuse the work in whatever medium Lab Manager deems appropriate and the unlimited right to further publish, reproduce, distribute, perform, display, or transmit the work in any medium, including but not limited to electronic and optical versions and any other media now in existence or hereinafter developed, in whole or in part. Author's reprinting of the final, edited form in other media requires permission from Lab Manager and inclusion of a credit line citing Lab Manager as the source of that version. Under special circumstances, other arrangements may be negotiated.


The normal review/acceptance process for unsolicited manuscripts is 30 days. Solicited manuscripts will normally be read and reviewed within 10 business days of receipt.


Lauren Everett
Managing Editor
Lab Manager
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