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Effectively Automating Quality Management in Your Health Lab

Implementing a new quality and document management system can be stressful without a plan, but the right partner makes all the difference

People gather around a laptop, tablet, and computer monitor in this illustration to show the implementation of a health lab quality management system.

SoftTech specializes in providing health care labs with fully customized web-based solutions for quality and document management.

SoftTech Health

Over 600 hospitals and health care facilities around the globe trust SoftTech Health to dramatically improve their quality management.

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Whether you’re switching from a paper-based system or a current digital solution, upgrading your health lab’s quality and document management system can be a painful process without the right plan and partner. SoftTech Health is one company that can help make system implementation smooth and seamless.

Softtech Health

The company’s system implementation process for their LabQMSTM quality and document management system minimizes the work that has to be done, aiming to be simple, efficient, and stress free. SoftTech specializes in providing health care labs with fully customized web-based solutions for quality and document management, so they can easily guide labs through the implementation process. That process includes: 

  1. The deployment of the new system. A unique server is created to the lab’s specifications. Labs don’t share their server with other health care organizations. SoftTech handles all aspects of operating the system, from hosting to system maintenance, so there is zero IT footprint and no additional work for the health care organization’s staff.
  2. The kick-off meeting. SoftTech will review the next steps of implementation and the lab team will meet the SoftTech customer service and support team. The two teams will discuss a widespread library of best practices compiled just for the lab. Normally indexing and digitizing SOPs is a lengthy and cumbersome process, but with SoftTech’s batch import, all your policies and procedures are integrated into the system within 48 hours, with as many users as needed and unlimited document capacity to accommodate even the largest organizations.
  3. Training on the new system. Current users of SoftTech’s system say the intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it fast and easy to learn, however, the company also offers comprehensive training for the system. That training involves real-world examples to guide users through everything in their document library, from navigating the system to approvals. Trainers will also introduce users to other modules, including:
    • Audits
    • Personnel
    • Administration
    • Asset managing

Because SoftTech Health works with over 500 labs, organizations benefit from their extensive experience in implementing quality and document management systems. Watch the video to learn more about how they can help your lab ensure a successful quality management digitization process.