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Empirical Bioscience’s New EB Pure Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit Offers High-Quality DNA in 30 Minutes or Less

Empirical Bioscience announced the introduction of a new EB Pure Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit

by Empirical Bioscience
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Empirical Bioscience announced the introduction of a new EB Pure Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit. The kit combines the power of High-Bind technology with alkaline-SDS lysis of bacterial cells to deliver high-quality DNA in less than 30 minutes.

The kit’s High-Bind composition specifically, but reversibly, binds DNA or RNA under optimized conditions allowing proteins and other contaminants to be removed. Requiring only 1-5mL of bacterial culture, the kit also isolates high-quality plasma or cosmid DNA for extraction up to 10 kb in length and yields up to 20 µg per preparation.

In addition to using smaller volumes of cultures, the kit features an integrated pH indicator within the lysis buffer. This indicator changes color to bright yellow when the lysis buffer reaches the optimal pH level for DNA binding, 7.5. If the pH is greater than 7.5, the lysis buffer will appear orange or violet in color indicating that the pH level is inefficient for DNA absorption, allowing researchers to make adjustments to the mixture for more efficient plasmid isolation.

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Besides the color changing lysis buffer, the kit includes neutralization buffer, Rnase A, activation buffer, washing buffer, elution buffer, spin columns, and collection tubes. These components create a versatile kit that lends itself well for use in most downstream applications, including automated fluorescent DNA sequencing and restriction enzyme digestion.

“This kit provides researchers with many advantages,” said Des O’Farrell, President of Empirical Bioscience. “In addition to requiring less bacterial culture, and offering rapid results, our kit produces more high-quality plasmid than competitor brands that use more culture.”

Empirical Bioscience produces high-grade PCR reagents and enzymes in its ISO 13485 certified facility in Grand Rapids, MI, USA and is a Registered Small Business Company.

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