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Ergonomic, Quiet Peltier Product for Histology

TECA’s newest Thermoelectric Cold Plate product offers a unique option for histology laboratories

by Thermoelectric Cooling America Corporation (TECA)
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Every histology lab is different, but the need for a quiet, cold surface is universal. TECA’s newest Thermoelectric Cold Plate product offers a unique option for histology laboratories. Originally designed as a custom solution for a large histology lab, TECA has added Model ERGO-900 to our standard products line.

Model ERGO-900 Cold/Hot Plate is a quiet, ergonomic cold/hot plate with a low profile. It is designed for laboratory and industrial bench-top use. At just under 3 inches high it is scaled down for use at individual microtome stations. The low height is ideal for continuous use in histology labs and other repetitive tasks.

The ERGO-900 is modular and can be placed on any bench-top as a plug-and-play product. Competing readily with other embedding center cold plates, TECA’s ERGO-900 can uniquely be used either with existing paraffin dispensing centers or with individual sectioning stations. The ERGO-900 is built with Peltier technology, which is known for its longevity and low maintenance needs. It combines a quiet fan and a Peltier design optimized for robust performance, creating a unique bench-top solution.

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All TECA Cold/Hot Plate products are "always on, always cool". This means they are designed for constant use. Like any appliance, leave it plugged in 24 hours a day for a consistent, temperature controlled surface. The heating feature negates the need for messy clean up; just turn the heat on and let any moisture simply evaporate away. A built-in programmable controller with digital display is included. Accessories are available to address specific needs. Custom paint and private labeling is available. Contact TECA sales for more information.