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Evaporator Resource Guide

Evaporator Resource Guide

Evaporators are vital for the separation of solvents and solutes in organic chemistry labs

by Lab Manager

Evaporators are invaluable tools in settings where specific compounds need to be extracted from solution. They use heating and cooling to separate components based on differences in boiling point. Rotary evaporators are standard laboratory equipment that use vacuum to conduct evaporation under reduced pressure. Nitrogen blowdown units use an entirely different process where evaporation is accelerated by blowing nitrogen across the surface of the sample. It’s important to consider your sample size, sample type, heat-sensitivity, and space limitations when choosing the right rotary evaporator for your application.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Questions to ask when buying an evaporator
  • Rotary evaporators: Must-have features
  • How to deal with solvent bumping and foaming during lab evaporation 
  • Looking beyond the rotovap for evaporator selection in the lab