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Expedeon Ag Licenses Lightning-Link Rapid Biotinylation Technology to Cell Guidance Systems

License allows Cell Guidance Systems to use Lightning-Link® in manufacture of TRIFic™ exome detection immunoassay kits

by Expedeon AG
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Expedeon AG announced it has signed a supply and license agreement with Cell Guidance Systems, a developer of therapeutic products for medicine and life science research, for use of Expedeon’s proprietary Lightning-Link® Rapid Biotin technology in the development and production of TRIFic™ (Time Resolved Immunofluorescence Exosome Detection Assay) immunoassays. Cell Guidance Systems has already benefitted from the application of Expedeon’s Lightning-Link® technology for over two years, and under this new agreement Expedeon becomes preferred immunoreagent supplier to the company

Cell Guidance Systems’ TRIFic™ rapid detection assay provides quantitative data from purified and unpurified samples, including direct measurements of exosomes in plasma. TRIFic™ exosome assays are available for widely used markers of exosomes, including the tetraspanin proteins CD9, CD63 and CD81, and provides high sensitivity detection levels which are clear and consistent over a wide range of samples.

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The Expedeon Lightning-Link® Rapid Biotin kit enables the rapid, direct biotinylation of antibodies, proteins and peptides, or any other biomolecule with an available amine group, with 100% recovery of materials. The kit is optimized for assays in which the biotinylated protein is captured by streptavidin immobilized on a surface. The kit requires only 30 seconds hands-on time and the conjugates are ready to use in under 20 minutes. The technology is fully scalable from 10ug to 1g or over, and is stringently QC tested for consistent high quality and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Using Expedeon’s Lightning-Link® biotin technology will enable Cell Guidance Systems to manufacture TRIFic™ detection assays on-demand with highly reproducible and scalable results. Cell Guidance Systems will benefit from cost savings on detection antibodies and secondary immunoreagents, plus improved production yields and enhanced quality of immunoassay handling.

Dr. Heikki Lanckriet, CEO and CSO of Expedeon, commented: “We have been working with Cell Guidance Systems for several years and are delighted to strengthen the relationship. Our technology provides a rapid, easy to use, efficient method of labelling antibodies and we are confident it will serve Cell Guidance Systems very well in the development and production of their TRIFic detection assay kits. This latest agreement follows a number of license and supply agreements with various partners for Lightning-Link®, underlining the increasing demand in academia and industry for our proprietary solutions, which help drive the life sciences research sector.”

Dr. Laur-Alexandru Botos, Senior Research Scientist at Cell Guidance Systems said: “TRIFic™ kit is an exquisitely sensitive europium time resolved immunofluorescence assay for exosome markers. The Lightning-Link® Rapid Biotin technology is used to generate stable biotin conjugates as components of this platform. We have found Expedeon’s cutting edge technologies to be reliable and meet the high standards that our customers demand, and will be invaluable in ensuring the TRIFic™ detection assay kits enable researcher to save time and costs.”