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February 2014 Technology News

The equipment, instruments and systems introduced to the laboratory market at Pittcon 2014.

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Gas Chromatography Columns

AbelBonded® BOOTH 4141

  • Abel offers complete stationary selections and consistent high performance AbelBonded (AB) GC columns
  • HPLC columns, SPE, Solvent Evaporators, Syringe Filters, Vials, Septa, Caps, etc. also available


Nano-LC Ion Source

Chip-Mate™ BOOTH 1542

  • Designed for applications requiring small micron ID HPLC columns and nanoelectrospray ionization (nano-ESI)
  • Focuses on stable and reliable nano-ESI through its ability to sense poor spray performance and engage the next nozzle
  • Provides ease of use and robustness
  • ESI chip with 25 emitter nozzles and an integrated memory card is also available for use with the Chip-Mate


Resource Guide

The Chromatographer’s Guide to Gas and Gas Delivery Systems BOOTH 2013

  • Provides detailed information on the requirements needed to design and construct the gas delivery systems used in gas chromatography (GC) and other high purity analytical applications
  • Gives users in-depth expertise in selecting the correct gas purity, understanding how purity is determined, and how purity affects applications • Explains the importance of component selection
  • Details laboratory gas safety codes needed for compliance, and much more


Mercury Vapor Analyzer

Jerome® J505 BOOTH 3820

  • High quality, robust atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer determines mercury in ambient air and water
  • Hand-held instrument offers a sample button on the handle as well as a touch pad interface and an easy-to-use menu structure, allowing users to input unique testing locations and sampling cycles
  • Jerome® line also includes instruments that can accurately detect H2S as low as 3ppb and Hg vapor as low as 0.5μg/m3

Arizona Instrument 

Handheld Raman Spectrometer

TacticID® BOOTH 4214

  • Suited to rapid identification of unknown chemicals, explosives and narcotics directly in the field or in the lab
  • Allows users to get real-time actionable identification of potential threats while reducing operational uncertainty and response time without compromising the integrity of the sample, or the chain of evidence
  • Designed to provide robust identification and investigation algorithms while maintaining ease of use

B&W Tek 

qTOF System

compact BOOTH 4135

  • Includes excellent MS and MS/MS sensitivity and high resolution with excellent robustness and reliability—all in a benchtop system
  • Features 3-4x higher dynamic range with cutting-edge 10 bit ADC technology
  • Provides 50 GBit/sec sampling speeds while maintaining high resolution
  • Boasts superior mass accuracies and increased dynamic range for more application flexibility


UHR-QqTOF Mass Spectrometer

Impact HD™ BOOTH 4135

  • Provides >40,000 Full-Sensitivity Resolution (FSR)
  • Opens up enhanced analytical performance levels for all applications where trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices is a challenge
  • Achieves five orders of magnitude dynamic range at UHPLC speeds from 50 GBit/sec sampling technology—definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices
  • Includes intelligent self-optimizing MSMS routines for expert-caliber results


QqTOF System

maXis HD BOOTH 4135

  • Novel HDC collision cell enables record-breaking Full Sensitivity Resolution (FSR) of > 75,000
  • High Definition 5 orders of magnitude dynamic range achieved at UHPLC speeds from 50 GBit/sec sampling technology—definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices
  • One shot plug & play acquisition with triple-quad standard sensitivity ensures qualitative and quantitative results in one LC run with fastest time-to-success


HPTLC Instrumentation

BOOTH 1624

  • Features the automatic TLC sampler for sample application, the Automatic Developing Chamber for plate development, and the Visualizer for documentation/camera system
  • Also includes the TLC scanning densitometer for versatile densitometer evaluation, including variable spectra recording and multiwavelength scanning
  • Direct elution instruments also available, including the fully-automated DBS (Dried Blood Spots) extraction device and TLC-MS Interface

CAMAG Scientific 

Analyzers for Low-level Impurity Detection

BOOTH 3705

  • Users can measure ammonia (NH3), arsine (AsH3), chlorine (CI2), hydrogen chloride ( HCI), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), phosphine (PH3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), total sulfur, total nitrogen, total arsenic, and total chlorides with C.I.’s analyzers
  • Offer some of the lowest detection limits in the world
  • Provide real-time analysis, data collection, and control functions

C.I. Analytics 

Portable Raman Spectrometer


  • Extends spectroscopic identification capability from clear containers to non-transparent and colored containers, layered paper and plastic sacks
  • Allows users to verify the contents of each unopened container in seconds, at the loading dock, allowing it to be released immediately into production
  • This saving on handling and lab testing reduces the overhead from hours to minutes

Cobalt Light Systems 

Rapid Analysis System

TRS100 BOOTH 622

  • Speeds up content uniformity (CU) testing by 10x and offers significant cost-savings for routine quality control of solid dosage formulations
  • Uses transmission Raman spectroscopy (TRS) to rapidly determine the API concentration of tablets and capsules
  • Samples require no preparation, wet chemistry, consumables or solvents and loading samples is straightforward—chemistry skills are not needed
  • cGMP-ready alternative to HPLC

Cobalt Light Systems 

Gas Chromatograph

FROG-4000™ BOOTH 2518

  • For VOC analysis
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Allows user to obtain results for BTEX, TCE, PCE and other volatile organic compounds from air, water or soil samples in about 6 minutes
  • Provides “Screening with Meaning” in the field, in a mobile lab, or in a fixed lab, and is easy to maintain

Defiant Technologies 

Gas Chromatograph

Master BOOTH 3802 & 2557

  • Decreases sample run times in a wide range of GC applications
  • Modular design allows easy change or upgrade to any GC configuration
  • Up to three injection units and three detectors can be mounted simultaneously, and an intuitive touch screen interface controls both GC and AS
  • Paired with one of a choice of two headspace samplers, offers accuracy, sensitivity, flexibility and ease of use


UV-NIR Spectrometer


  • Provides high efficiency across the complete 190 – 1100 nm range
  • Features ultra-compact size of 50 x 50 x 15 mm, robust and athermal performance, and flexibility in detector and electronics choice
  • Unique grating provides nearly constant diffraction efficiency over the 190 – 1100 nm range for all polarizations
  • Comes in two standard variants

Ibsen Photonics 

Gas Analyzer

Micro GC Fusion BOOTH 1436

  • Offers fast temperature ramping using capillary columns
  • Expands the horizons of fast and transportable gas chromatograph (GC) applications with innovations needed for accurate onsite analysis
  • Now covers up to C12 gas phase analysis with excellent sensitivity and repeatability
  • Equipped with a Micro-electromechanical System (MEMS) Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) that offers 1 ppm detection limit


HPLC Columns for Vitamin Analysis


  • Allow chromatographers to see increased resolution similar to sub 2 μm porous particles but with considerably lower back pressure
  • Provide the best way to achieve the highest column resolutions with short analysis times when using conventional HPLC
  • Provide improved analysis of vitamins such as K3, K2, D2, D3, E, K1 – saving up to 60% of analysis time for higher efficiency

JM Science 

HPLC Columns for Protein Separation


  • Feature the developed Proteonavi to separate proteins and peptides in reversed phase mode
  • Proteonavi utilizes high-purity silica with few metal impurities, and shows minimal irreversible adsorption for proteins and peptides
  • Pore size is as wide as 30 nm, so that large proteins are able to have enough interactions with the stationary phase

JM Science 

Benchtop NMR Spectrometers

Spinsolve BOOTH 1043

  • Cryogen-free benchtop NMR system, has been designed to provide an upgradable platform for versatile NMR spectroscopy applications
  • Latest upgrade enables users to perform both fluorine and proton measurements on the same sample without the need for complicated retuning of the probe
  • Single measurements can be made in as short a time as 10 seconds


Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Systems

NanoSight BOOTH 1648

  • Will be shown alongside the Zetasizer Nano and the new Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 GPC/SEC detector
  • Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer featuring new software will also be at Pittcon
  • The Mastersizer can now mimic the performance of other laser diffraction systems so that upgrading from one instrument to another is made easier


COD Analyzer


  • Delivers accurate COD results in 10 minutes, stopping high load effluent from being discharged, thereby protecting the environment and the public
  • Keeps the analyst and the environment safe by eliminating harmful chemicals from the process
  • More cost effective than the traditional COD method


Surface Characterization Analyzer

3Flex BOOTH 2213

  • Fully automated, three-station instrument is capable of high-performance physisorption, mesopore, micropore, and chemisorption analyses with excellent accuracy, resolution, and data reduction
  • Each analysis station is upgradeable from mesopore to micropore with the option of designating one station for chemisorption analyses
  • Minimal footprint and three configurable analysis stations eliminate costly investment in multiple instruments and additional bench space


Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer

ASAP® 2460 BOOTH 2213

  • Incorporates a unique expandable system designed for upgradeable high-performance and high sample throughput
  • Can be configured as a two-, four-, or six-station benchtop system depending on the user’s throughput needs
  • Base two-port master control unit can be expanded to either a four-port or six-port analyzer
  • Includes enhanced software capabilities, data reduction features, and instrument monitoring


Nano Particle Size & Zeta Potential Analyzer

NanoPlus BOOTH 2213

  • Utilizes photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering techniques to determine particle size and zeta potential
  • Can measure the particle size of samples suspended in liquids in the range of 0.1 nm to 12.3 μm with sample suspension concentrations from 0.00001% to 40%, and a sensitivity for molecular weight to as low as 250 Da


Surface Area and Porosity System

TriStar® II Plus BOOTH 2213

  • Suited for use in both quality control and research environments and can collect up to 1000 data points
  • Allows fine details of the isotherm to be observed and recorded, providing high resolution and revealing pore structure details
  • The system’s three analysis ports operate simultaneously and independently of one another




  • Designed for integration into spectroscopy instrumentation, medical devices, process monitoring and other applications where a small footprint is desired • Measures just 40 mm x 42 mm and 24 mm high
  • Optimized for applications in the ultraviolet (190-650 nm) including absorbance measurements, point of care diagnostics, emission spectroscopy and laser characterization

Ocean Optics 

Hydrogen Purity Analyzers

HEMS™ series BOOTH 4251

  • These full spectrum instruments feature limits of detection per impurity of < 1 ppt
  • Self-calibrating analyzer’s short analytical cycle time means it can be used as an on-line impurity monitor
  • Use P+E’s patented palladium diffusion technology combined with advanced quadrupole mass spectrometry to achieve parts-per-trillion resolution
  • Available in two models, the HEMS-M and the HEMS-T

Power & Energy 

PDA UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Mega Array BOOTH 3204

  • Suited to product assurance testing and quick measurement
  • Delivers confidence and reliability by implementing the same field-proven PDA technology
  • Driven by Scinco LabPro® Plus software and provides low cost of ownership and simplicity
  • Rugged design and small footprint enables users to bring the spectrophotometer where you need from the laboratory to the factory site


FTIR Spectrophotometer

IRTracer-100 BOOTH 1942

  • Combines high speed, sensitivity and resolution with enhanced expandability and easy-to-use software
  • Enables up to 20 spectra/second acquisitions, offers 60,000:1 S/N ratio, and features resolution of 0.25 cm-1, which provides for highly accurate quantitation and identification
  • Features a stable, airtight interferometer that incorporates a built-in automatic dehumidifier, while its Advanced Dynamic Alignment provides enhanced stability and shorter warm-up times


FTIR Spectrophotometer

BOOTH 1015

  • World’s first single-chip FT-IR spectrometer drastically reduces the size of standard FT-IR spectrometers and enables portable and handheld spectroscopy
  • Features a single chip Michelson interferometer based on Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, innovative dedicated circuitry, and versatile software
  • Can be integrated into a wide variety of systems for applications that require qualitative and/or quantitative material analysis

Si-Ware Systems 

Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

picoSpin 80 BOOTH 2441

  • Allows academic and industrial laboratories to easily collect routine high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data on molecules in solution
  • Features a temperature-controlled magnet that does not require liquid cryogens
  • Lightweight, portable design makes it easy to share the instrument across multiple laboratories
  • Easy-to-operate fluid capillary system does not require NMR tubes or other consumables

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Size Exclusion HPLC Columns

TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HTP BOOTH 2608

  • Offers high throughput separation of the dimer and monomer of a monoclonal antibody (mAb) in a dramatically reduced analysis time
  • Pore-controlled technology results in high resolution separations
  • Specialized for fast and efficient run times
  • Features a smaller ID and shorter length of 4.6 mm ID × 15 cm
  • Compatible on both traditional HPLC and UHPLC systems

Tosoh Bioscience 

Basic Lab

Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets

Safestore™ BOOTH 1136

  • Minimize health and environmental risks in handling chemical vapors and residues, VOCs and general laboratory functions
  • Air Science Multiplex™ filtration system protects the safety of personnel during use, maintenance and decontamination
  • Advanced carbon filtration technology offers a safe, high performance alternative to ducted cabinets for a broad range of applications

Air Science 

Bidirectional Flow and Pressure Controller

MCD-Series BOOTH 1908

  • Offers the versatility of bidirectional mass flow and pressure control in closed or flowing volumes, with or without vacuum, all in a single instrument
  • A single MCD can control upstream and downstream flows, and more
  • Allows researchers to make rapid changes to experimental setups, and accommodating demanding process control requirements in gas analysis, leak testing and environmental monitoring applications

Alicat Scientific 

Pipette Tip Cleaning System

BOOTH 4563

  • Allows users to remove all trace metal and other impurities before using their pipette tips
  • Cleans with concentrated or dilute reagents, in warm environment
  • Rinses with DI water
  • Dries pipette tips whatever their volume, size and material, without external inputs
  • Adaptable to different pipette tip sizes


Pipette Controller

BRAND macro BOOTH 3937

  • Newly redesigned with optimized technology and ergonomic design
  • Provides precise, one-finger meniscus control
  • Compatible with 0.1 to 200mL pipettes calibrated “to deliver” and “to contain”, and can aspirate up to 50mL with just one squeeze of the bellows – for additional volume, simply squeeze again
  • New, relaxed grip design, and low 4.3oz weight greatly minimize strain from prolonged pipetting

BrandTech Scientific 

Dry Chemistry Diaphragm Pump


  • Gives users continuous, oil-free pumping of corrosive gases and vapors
  • Provides whisper-quiet operation with low vibration, long service intervals (in excess of 15,000 hours), and very long lifespan
  • Top-mounted power switch ensures convenient and quick operation, while the integrated gas ballast allows for continuous condensate purge, increasing the pumping capability of condensable vapors

BrandTech Scientific 

Sequential Microwave System

Discover® SP-X BOOTH 2031

  • Can help reduce your solvent usage by up to 95% and decrease extraction times from hours to minutes
  • Quickly and efficiently performs solid-liquid solvent extractions on a wide variety of matrices including polymers, foods, and textiles
  • Offers full temperature and pressure control of every sample and works with all solvents including polar and non-polar


Solution Preparation System

SoluPrep II™ BOOTH 526

  • Speeds up routine sample preparation and increases accuracy, by eliminating volumetric measurements
  • Automatically prepares samples for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ICP, spectroscopy, viscosity, NMR and other analyses
  • Typical solution preparation time is less than 2 minutes with an accuracy of 0.02%
  • Also protects laboratory integrity by storing a permanent file of each sample and its preparation

Design Scientific 

Bathless Disintegrator

sensIR 3200 BOOTH 4448

  • Uses the latest in bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the mess and drawbacks associated with conventional water bath-based instruments
  • Offers two, four or six disintegration test stations in a small footprint
  • With rapid media warm-up, the sensIR 3200 heats media from ambient to 37°C in less than 8 minutes
  • Available Q1 – 2014


Aluminum Nitride Heaters

BOOTH 1416

  • Provide excellent thermal performance in gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers and other laboratory equipment
  • Feature faster thermal response than traditional heating technologies as well as chemical compatibility and miniaturization of the thermal system
  • Are capable of process temperatures up to 800°C and temperature ramp rates in excess of 200°C in less than 2 seconds

Durex Industries 

Water Purification System

PURELAB® Chorus BOOTH 3616

  • Gives users the chance to configure a solution that best suits your needs with the added benefit of flexibility should their future needs change
  • A selection of dispense, storage and installation options is available
  • Offers the customer the ability to create their own solution to fit the application, budget and configuration of their laboratory


Ammonia & Cyanide Collection System

FT4 BOOTH 2435

  • Allows users to perform cyanide and ammonia distillations following established US EPA and Standard Methods methodology
  • Design replaces much of the fragile glassware used in other systems with disposable collection traps and other consumables, reducing labor associated with maintenance and clean up
  • Only glassware required is the boiling tube

Environmental Express 

Test Sieves

BOOTH 4459

  • Extremely precise and accurate whilst offering good handling, nesting, and strength
  • Wide range of sieves with different sizes, depths, choice of materials and certified degrees of inspection to meet every national and international standards, including ASTM E-11 and ISO 3310
  • Every test sieve is supplied with a Certificate of Compliance


Refrigerated Reagent Storage


  • Completely closed reagent storage with built-in TOGA filter system completely removes toxic gases, VOC’s, offensive smells and fumes volatized from the reagent bottles
  • Features a removal efficiency of better than 99.7%
  • Also features a temperature range of 2~ 40 °C
  • Includes touch pad control & management system with RFID technology to record the access of every regent bottle, and more


pH Meter

edge™ BOOTH 4424

  • Measures just 1⁄2” thick, weighs less than 9 ounces
  • Features a wide viewing angle, 5.5” LCD and a sensitive capacitive touch keypad
  • Measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen through unique digital electrodes that are auto-recognized
  • Simplifies measurement, configuration, calibration, diagnostics, logging and transferring data to a computer or a USB drive

Hanna Instruments 

Chemical Resistant Fume Hood

Aire-Stream BOOTH 1026

  • Constructed entirely of chemical resistant, flame retardant, non-metallic composite resin materials
  • Features an exclusive “Unitized” construction that does not require screws, bolts, rivets, or metallic hardware to assemble
  • Fume chamber is molded one piece seamless with all corners coved for easy cleaning and light reflectivity
  • UL 1805 certified and is offered in 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” widths


VP-SEM System

Model SU3500 BOOTH 3624

  • Now available with a 4-axis motorized stage, in addition to the existing 5-axis motorized stage system
  • New 4-axis version is targeted for smaller sample applications (max. 200 mm in diameter and 70 mm in height)
  • The new motorized stage system features the same electron optics and signal detection systems as the 5-axis system, providing excellent 3-D imaging and analytical performance

Hitachi High Technologies America 

Serological Pipettor


  • Latest technology provides a significant increase in pipetting speed and a sizeable weight reduction, making using the instrument over extended periods of time even more comfortable
  • Gives users precision, speed, ease-of-use, comfort, long operating battery life and reliability
  • Designed for use with all commercially available glass and plastic serological pipettes in the volume range 1-100 ml


Handheld Multichannel Pipette


  • Can be used to rapidly set up a 384-well qRT-PCR plate for analysis in a ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR system
  • Features a motorized adjustable tip spacing; enabling significant productivity gains in applications such as qRT-PCR where loading of samples into microplates has traditionally been a time-consuming task
  • Rapidly and comfortably handle large workloads between various lab ware formats


Tuning Fork Balances

Vibra® BOOTH 4516

  • From analytical to rugged toploading balances, the Vibra® range meets almost all application needs, utilizing tuning fork technology
  • Inherently temperature-stable, tuning fork sensor balances do not need a warm up time
  • Enables users to not only calibrate the balance easily, but also to diagnose the health of the equipment
  • Features GLP capabilities and more

Intelligent Weighing 

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope & Imaging System

JEOL JSM-7100F & Gatan 3View® BOOTH 3241

  • Joint initiative between JEOL and Gatan brings the power of Serial Block Face imaging to the JEOL family of scanning electron microscopes
  • Researchers will now be able to image 3D structures of biological and materials samples at ultrahigh resolution using the JEOL JSM-7100F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with an integrated Gatan 3View® Serial Block Face Imaging System


Temperature Control System


  • Made for highly precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes
  • Provide large heating and cooling capacities covering a working temperature range from -40°C to +250°C
  • Highly efficient components allow extremely fast compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions
  • Features an integrated 5.7’’ industrial touchscreen
  • Also includes permanent internal monitoring and self-lubricating pumps


Temperature Control System

PRESTO® model series W91 and W92 BOOTH 3453

  • Cover a working temperature range from -92°C to +250 C
  • Provide up to 31 kW cooling capacity and up to 36 kW heating capacity
  • Are robust and reliable even at high room temperatures up to +40 C
  • Powerful, maintenance-free pumps deliver up to 5.5 bar / 80 l/min
  • Multiple interfaces permit flexible application control


Low and Ultralow Freezers

Kaltis BOOTH 2207

  • Designed for long term biological sample storage
  • Equipped with patented Pull ‘N’ Push™ door handle which ensures ease of use and end user comfort, by allowing the one-handed opening / closing of the door in a single, effortless movement
  • High Environment (HE) freezer and green models, which use 10% less power than conventional ULT freezers, also available

Kaltis International 

Modular Gas Standards Generating System

FlexStream™ BOOTH 2059

  • Offers total flexibility for creating precision gas mixtures
  • Dilutes the emission from permeation or diffusion tubes with an inert gas (typically nitrogen or zero air) to create trace concentration—ppm, ppb, and pptr—gas mixtures
  • Expands the capabilities of the microprocessor controlled, stand-alone FlexStream™ Permeation Tube Unit
  • Can have one to six modular channels


Online Vacuum Pump Selection Guide

BOOTH 2707

  • User friendly tool selects the proper vacuum pump for user’s requirements from KJLC’s pump offering
  • Gives users the opportunity to search for a pump based on criteria that are most important to their application; vacuum range, pumping speed, pump type, flange size, manufacturer, and more
  • Can be accessed at  

Kurt J. Lesker Company 

Water Purification System

WaterPro® BT™ BOOTH 1709 and 1809

  • Delivers ultrapure Type I water, up to 18.2 megohm-cm, at a typical rate of >0.5 liters per minute at inlet water temperatures of 25º C either manually, or volumetrically, directly from tap water
  • Features light weight and small footprint of only 16.5” deep x 11.4” wide x 21.3” high
  • Easy to install—just plug and play


Microtube Shaking Incubator

AccuTherm BOOTH 944

  • Uses Peltier technology to rapidly heat and cool precious samples
  • Intuitive control panel with large color display allows users to easily program and view temperature, time and speed settings
  • Eight interchangeable aluminum blocks accommodate PCR plates and tube sizes from 0.2mL to 15mL
  • Also features a temperature setting range of 0-105°C and mixing speed range of 300-1,500 rpm

Labnet International 


BOOTH 2248

  • Suited to many industries as well as applications such as R&D, QA/QC, testing incoming raw materials, and end product
  • Deliver the precise and reproducible results users need to build their quality parameters
  • Allow users to take those results and easily transfer them to their NIR library, so that moving forward they can pass/fail their future samples in seconds

Metrohm USA 

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC 214 Polyma BOOTH 2524

  • Engineered from the ground up for polymers characterization
  • Diffusion-bonded sensor and special low-mass furnace permit ultra-fast heating and cooling up to 500 C/minute
  • Provides a temperature range of -170 to +600C
  • Can be automated for unattended analysis of up to 20 samples and operated with either a refrigerated intracooler or liquid nitrogen cooling system for low temperature experiments


Rotary Tube Furnaces

BOOTH 1150

  • Rotary tube furnaces for continuous processes and/or batch operation include RSR 80- 500/11 - RSR 120-1000/13 and RSR-B 80-500/11 - RSR-B 120-1000/11
  • Especially suited to applications where maintaining the individual grain characteristics of the material is required, such as in drying or calcination
  • Permanently rotating working tube allows for the continuous movement of the charge
  • Various accessories available


Fume Hood Bench Module

Cabinet NU-156 BOOTH 2817

  • Is a single piece construction of all stress-relieved, fully seam-welded 100% white polypropylene that can be used where product and personnel protection are required
  • Areas of use include chemical research, microelectronics, and high acid / trace metal analysis use, semi-conductor design / development and/or production assembly processes
  • Available in four sizes: 4, 5, 6, and 8 foot widths


Advanced Digital Refrigerated Circulator

Model AD07R-20 BOOTH 3202

  • Combines intuitive touch-pad operation with automatic or user-adjustable fluid optimization and ±0.01°C temperature stability to maintain buffer solutions at optimum temperatures even under varying electrophoresis voltages
  • Features a -20° to +200°C working temperature range, large 3.75” LCD display, and variable speed pressure-suction pump • Includes a 7 liter reservoir; other models, with reservoir sizes as large as 45 liters, are also available


Automated Viscometer

m-VROC™ BOOTH 1650

  • Powered by patented VROC® Technology
  • A hybrid of Microfluidics and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems)
  • Features automated temperature and shear rate sweeps for comfortable viscosity measurements
  • Requires as little as 50 microliters of sample volume
  • Capable of measuring wide dynamic viscosity ranges of 0.2 to 100,000 mPas and shear rate ranges of 0.5 to 1,400,000 s-1


Test Weights

BOOTH 2107

  • NIST Handbook 105-1 is currently undergoing revision to adopt international requirements, moving closer to the requirements that M1 and M2 OIML weights currently adhere to when testing weighing instruments of class III accuracy
  • Rice Lake currently provides Legal for Trade, Class M1 and M2 individual weights in expanded capacities up to 500 kg and sets in stainless steel and cast iron finishes, with more M1 weight sets added to their product offering for more selection

Rice Lake 

Cryogenic Grinder

6870D Freezer/Mill® BOOTH 2753 and 2854

  • High-throughput, dual chamber, cryogenic grinder includes a self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case
  • Chills samples in liquid nitrogen then pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor
  • Dual grinding chambers hold a total of 200 grams of sample (100 grams per chamber)
  • Touch screen control panel stores up to 10 grinding protocols
  • Features maintenance-free design with only one moving part

SPEX SamplePrep 

High Pressure Reactor

HPR-Micro™ BOOTH 2004

  • Specifically designed for small batch reaction chemistry
  • Comes standard with a 10 milliliter Iconel 625 stainless steel reactor vessel for operation up to 10,000 psi (689 Bar / 68.9 MPa), inlet and outlet valves and a pressure gauge
  • Depending upon the temperature option selected, operation from -40°C to 150°C is possible

Supercritical Fluid Technologies 

Lab Benches

Concept BOOTH 3955

  • Available in manual, hand crank, and motorized height adjustment options, to adapt to the work process and the needs of the user
  • All movements of the user can be optimized, which in turn increases performance and productivity and decreases work-related stress
  • Can be equipped with casters to create a mobile solution
  • Tables are available in five widths and three depths

Sovella USA 

Refrigerated Recirculating Bath

VersaCool BOOTH 2441

  • Global voltage input feature allows the user to select the appropriate frequency and voltage to enable operation anywhere in the world
  • Bath can be paired to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet for remote operation and monitoring
  • Tool-less, drip-less rack and lid provide application flexibility, easier cleanup, and enhanced safety
  • Also includes easy setup and energy savings mode

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Calibration Gas Generator

Model 150 Dynacalibrator® BOOTH 3216

  • Constant temperature system is designed to generate precise ppm or ppb concentrations of chemical compounds in a gas stream, using permeation devices as the trace gas source
  • Used as a reference for the calibration of gas chromatography instruments and in other instruments that measure gas concentrations
  • Provides a wide range of temperature settings (5°C above ambient to 110°C)

VICI Metronics 

XY Microscope Stage with Controller

ASR with A-MCB2 BOOTH 835

  • Can be used either as replacements for the manual stage on many common microscopes, or as standalone XY scanning stages
  • Offers 100 x 120 mm travel, 12 μm accuracy, 2 μm repeatability, and up to 85 mm/s maximum speed 
  • Combination of the stage and A-MCB2 two-axis stepper motor controller makes it easy to control the speed and position of the unit, and more


Chemicals, Kits & Reagants

Certified Reference Material

Certified Spiking Solution® of Acetyl Fentanyl BOOTH 2714

  • Certified Reference Material of acetyl fentanyl is in methanol at a concentration of 1.0 mg/mL
  • can be used as a Snap-N-Spike® starting material in the laboratory’s matrix of choice for preparation of calibrators and controls in fentanyl testing methods and other forensic, clinical toxicology, or prescription monitoring applications by GC/MS or LC/MS


pH Buffer in Capsule Format

Reagecon BOOTH 2802

  • Tested at 25 degrees C and are NIST traceable
  • Color coded for quick identification
  • Easy to use—simply empty the contents of one capsule in 100 ml of distilled water
  • Dissolve quickly, are preservative free, and provide an accuracy of +/-0.02 pH units
  • Feature an extended shelf life—good for 4 years

JM Science 


SPEXQuE™ BOOTH 2753, 2854

  • Suitable for removal of polar organic acids and some low to moderate levels of sugars and lipids
  • General purpose kits are made for Methods AOAC 2007.1 and EN 15662
  • Also available is a comprehensive set of Internal Standards for GC, GC-MS, and LC-MS which complements these QuEChERS kits

SPEX CertiPrep 

USP Reference Standards

BOOTH 3656

  • USP offers more than 3,100 reference standards
  • These highly characterized substances are used in tests to determine the identity and quality of drugs/biologics, dietary supplements, and food ingredients, including related impurities, residual solvents, excipients, botanicals, polymers, Near-IR and dissolution calibrators, photomicrographs, and melting point standards

U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention 

ICP-MS Calibration Standards

BOOTH 3502

  • Meet the requirements for United States Pharmacopeia (USP Elemental Impurities – Limits and Elemental Impurities – Procedures
  • New USP chapters were created in response to the rising concern for the health effects of impurities currently found in pharmaceutical products
  • Are of high purity, produced under ISO Guide 34 and certified under ISO/IEC 17025

VHG Labs 

Pharmaceutical Primary Reference Standards

LGC Standards BOOTH 3502

  • Designed to be used in pharmaceutical quality control if no official pharmacopoeia standard exists
  • High purity, are fully characterized and satisfy the requirements of the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use and Food and Drug Administration
  • Produced under ISO Guide 34 and accompanied by a comprehensive certificate of analysis

VHG Labs 

Lab Automation

Automated System for Total Fat Analysis

Soxtec™ 8000 BOOTH 1814

  • First fully automated solution for total fat analysis with the Soxhlet method
  • Consists of an extraction unit, a Hydrotec™ hydrolysis unit and a single Hydrocap filter that is common to both units
  • Allows hydrolysis and Soxhlet analysis to be performed in one integrated laboratory process
  • Unique filter system allows users to avoid filter to filter transfer


Automated Liquid Handling Platform


  • Helps maximize reproducibility of your biological sample prep
  • Easy-to-use system also helps mitigate the increased training requirements, preparation time, procedural errors and operational costs of manual sample prep
  • Comes at a size and price that is accessible to many labs


HPLC Autosampler

HT4000L BOOTH 633

  • Lab automation ready system is able to perform high precision injection into HPLC, UHPLC and LC/MS systems
  • Also handles complex sample preparation tasks as a real sample preparation workstation
  • Designed to optimize ease of use, sample capacity and application versatility
  • Excellent sample capacity allows users to increase laboratory throughput
  • Can be personalized to fit any user needs


Automated Extraction and Sample Prep Platform

Cambtek RES BOOTH 2919

  • Designed for development and quality assurance laboratories, and manufacturing environments
  • Allows users to readily process capsules and tablets (both normal and extended-release), gels, powders, granulations, swabs, beads, pellets, stents, patches, and other solid or semi-solid matrices in an unattended manner
  • Employs turbulent fluidic solvent flows, coupled with ultrasonic energy, for rapid sample processing


Automated System for Xylene Solubles Testing


  • Eliminates the use of external filtration or extraction devices, as well as all the associated tedious manual operations
  • Does not require weighing the sample or handling solvent manually at any point of the analysis because the instrument is fully automated
  • Designed to be installed in a plant laboratory environment
  • Features a built-in infrared detector and integrated viscometer

Polymer Char 

Life Science

Portable DNA Analyzer

Qsep1 BOOTH 4519

  • This capillary gel electrophoresis based instrument is designed to replace the traditional labor intensive gel electrophoresis processes
  • Portable and cost-effective
  • Features dimensions of 15x15x20cm and a weight of 5 kg
  • Will be introduced to the market in 2014


All-In-One Multiple Format Mixer

Co-Mix BOOTH 3821 & 4021

  • Offers effortless changing between mixing of 96- and 384-well microplates in skirted, semi-skirted and unskirted variants plus deep-well plates and PCR tubes / strips
  • Plate holding mechanism ensures smooth manipulation of microplates, eliminating sample spillage and cross-contamination problems
  • Vortex module enables mixing of numerous tube formats including micro test tubes
  • Comes pre-programmed with commonly used mixing profiles

Porvair Sciences 

LIMS & Software

Impurity Resolution Management Solution


  • Is an application of Unified Laboratory Intelligence to identify and characterize impurities for resolution and reporting during development and acceptance of a new drug substance
  • Provides tools for cross functional teams in drug development to separate, identify, and characterize impurities quickly with confidence
  • Specific dashboards for each group allow users to store and search data in chemical context quickly and easily


Analytical Data Management Framework

Allotrope Framework BOOTH 3762

  • Includes metadata dictionaries, data standards, and class libraries
  • Allotrope Foundation is creating an open “ecosystem” in collaboration and consultation with vendors and the analytical community that will allow for the seamless sharing of analytical data, methods, and hardware components within users’ organization or their partners’
  • Data generated within this laboratory ecosystem are stored in a standardized and defined format for easy access, analysis, and archival

Allotrope Foundation 

LIMS & Laboratory Enterprise Resource Planning Solution


  • Offers full laboratory automation and business management functionality and the adaptability to meet users’ specific needs
  • Leverages workflows to allow users to manage laboratory tasks, track samples, change sample states, trigger alerts, and query data in the system for presentation in dashboards and reports
  • Provides instrument integration, business management, asset/inventory management and integrated storage/freezer management

Accelerated Technology Laboratories 


Matrix Gemini BOOTH 3859

  • ‘OneTime Configuration Tools’ allow Matrix Gemini to be configured to users’ specific requirements without the use of custom programing or esoteric basic scripting tools
  • Matrix Express LIMS is a low cost entry level LIMS that is designed to be “off the shelf,” therefore easy to implement and easy to use
  • Matrix Environmental LIMS and Matrix Stability now include new improvements

Autoscribe Informatics 

Reporting System for MS Instruments

Dash Reporting BOOTH 4135

  • Brings the power and flexibility of customized reporting to all users
  • New capability centers on Dash Designer, a purpose built standalone application which enables customers to position and closely format report elements, and preview reports with relevant data
  • Dash Designer seamlessly integrates with Bruker’s MS Workstation data system to generate reports both manually and automatically


Mass Spectrometry Software

MassWorks 4.0 BOOTH 2507

  • Adds DirectRead™ data support for three high resolution MS systems: Thermo Orbitrap or FT ICR MS, Agilent TOF, and Waters TOF
  • Expands unit mass resolution direct support to Agilent MassHunter and Advion CMS
  • Now enables elemental composition determination in the absence of an observable monoisotope peak or in the presence of larger-than-usual mass errors

Cerno Bioscience 

Chromatography Data System Software

Chromperfect® BOOTH 4418

  • Supports all HPLC and GC systems, with many instrument control options available with direct digital interfaces to leading chromatography instruments
  • Solutions offered that will connect to all user’s existing laboratory and computer equipment
  • Flexible licensing system allows users to share important data throughout the laboratory and the whole organization


Web-based LIMS


  • Highly configurable LIMS enables companies to innovate faster in the R&D cycle, improve product quality, achieve accurate recordkeeping and comply with regulatory requirements
  • Supports hundreds of concurrent users, interfaces with various instruments, and is available as a cloud-based solution
  • Laboratory intelligence capabilities help users make decisions that reduce costs and increase revenues


LIMS Software Solutions

Laboratory Informatics BOOTH 1418

  • Provides users with completely configurable LIMS software that will grow with their organizations
  • Cloud-based LIMS software allows users to customize their software to suit their needs
  • Newest LIMS at LIMSABC is its mobile LIMS which offers user flexibility by enabling them to access and input data on iPads and Android tablets


ATR-FTIR and Raman Spectra Databases

BOOTH 1139

  • Consists of over 140,000 spectra, subdivided into over 100 individual application libraries
  • Application libraries include FTIR Transmittance, ATR-FTIR, Raman and Near IR spectra of polymers, pharmaceuticals, forensics, explosives, minerals and many more substances
  • Spectra were collected from samples of highest purity and contain extensive sample information
  • Available in the common spectra formats

S.T. Japan 


SampleManager 11 BOOTH 2441

  • Features advanced new tools and user-interface enhancements that improve laboratory process mapping, management, and automation
  • Delivers workflow configurability, user-intuitive multiple sample login, point-and-click extensibility and enhanced data mining and tracking capabilities to benefit a wide variety of industries
  • Includes the ability to track aliquots and composites, enable finer control over samples and more reliable data for decision-making and compliance

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Mobile Apps

Data Collection App

Sample Master® iMobile BOOTH 4059

  • Allows data to be collected in the field and automatically uploaded to the LIMS in real time, saving companies time and money
  • Also enables uploading of testing site data as it is collected, eliminating manual re-entry of data from paper forms, eliminating transcription errors and paper
  • Runs on web-enabled devices such as Apple iPads and iPhones, and more

Accelerated Technology Laboratories 

Services & Education

Web-based Analytical Technique Training

BOOTH 4542

  • Fully on-demand, self-paced learning library covers all levels of experience allowing user’s laboratory, department, company or enterprise to benefit from online analytical technique training and support from world thought leaders 24 hours/day, anywhere in the world
  • Offer a site license providing users or their laboratory/enterprise with unlimited access to an extensive library of HPLC and GC training content and more

Analytical Training Solutions 

X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Services

BOOTH 4564

  • FLUXANA develops new test methods for X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)
  • Test methods are used within the framework of contract analyses as well as for external X-ray fluorescence services
  • Works in accordance with ISO 17025
  • Offers competent analysis of samples with X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • All customers receive comprehensive service
  • Experts available for advice and support


Online Master’s Degrees

Illinois Institute of Technology BOOTH 1135

  • Offers rigorous, relevant part-time online master’s degrees in analytical chemistry and materials chemistry
  • Certificate programs are in: analytical method development, analytical spectroscopy, chromatography, and synthesis and characterization of organic and inorganic materials
  • Non-thesis chemistry master’s degree includes courses in business, intellectual property, and leadership
  • Students can also pursue a full-time MS or PhD degree in an outstanding interdisciplinary research environment

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Equipment Maintenance Management Program

BOOTH 1215

  • Consolidates existing service contracts under one comprehensive program, eliminating the inefficiencies of multiple vendor service agreements
  • Gives organizations the ability to analyze and effectively control electronic equipment assets while realizing significant savings on annual equipment maintenance budgets
  • Specializes in providing quality service, technical resources, innovative management systems, and financially secure solutions
  • Remi does not repair or maintain equipment, but allows clients to use their preferred service provider


Online System for Teaching Analytical Chemistry

Sapling Learning BOOTH 1017

  • Drives student success, saves educators time and is an advanced online system for teaching analytical chemistry
  • Features over 500 feedback-rich questions, covering a wide variety of topics in analytical chemistry
  • Students use the unique interface to answer questions numerically, write mathematical and chemical equations, and receive guidance when setting up the spreadsheets needed to solve more involved questions

Sapling Learning  

Supplies & Consumables


Enduris™ BOOTH 3410

  • Delivers consistent, long-term performance in liquid chromatography pumps at pressures of 22,000 PSI and higher
  • Employs a Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring® energizer to promote more uniform wear and longer service life
  • Metallic backup element features a single-sided concave design which supports the seal, and prevents extrusion along the inner and outer diameter of the groove

Bal Seal Engineering 

High Flow Dry Break Quick Disconnect


  • M8 x125 connections and a compact 9/16” x 1.8” design makes this product well suited to applications requiring high flow rates and limited space
  • 0.180” diameter orifice has a low flow resistance and a no spill feature that stops leakage and air inclusion during connection and disconnection
  • Sleeve/ball lock design allows one handed connection and disconnection using a push-pull motion

Beswick Engineering 

Array Microplates & SLE Plates

Cleanert BOOTH 3309

  • Cleanert array microplates (part number: WC00501-MW) enable sensitive, robust, and reproducible analyses and help make sample preparation easier and less laborious for lab personnel in DMPK and bioanalytical research
  • Cleanert SLE plates (part number: HC4002SQ-9W) help users avoid emulsification, make sample prep simpler and faster, enable high throughput, and are compatible with automatic SPE


Pistons and Ball & Seat Valves

BOOTH 1515

  • Made out of advanced ceramics and sapphire
  • Piston / cylinders and other custom-made parts also offered for high-pressure pumps, pipettes, metering pumps and other precision dispensers
  • Made to user’s specifications, although several sizes are also available as “standard”
  • HIP treatment is available on request for zirconia pistons
  • Parts are made 100% in-house to guarantee the quality of materials


Cryogenic Hoses

BOOTH 3643

  • For the transfer of any cryogenic liquid or gas
  • Can be made non-insulated or vacuum jacketed for the most efficient transfer possible
  • Many different sizes offered with a variety of fitting options to suit many connection types and a variety of customization options are also available to fit many applications



Optan BOOTH 1213

  • Come in a TO-39 package
  • Provide excellent light output and spectral quality
  • Offered in peak wavelengths from 250 – 280 nm and power bins from 0.5-4 mW
  • Suited for spectroscopic applications in analytical and life sciences instrumentation
  • High light output increases the sensitivity of detection while the high spectral quality provides measurement linearity over a wider range

Crystal IS 

Elemental Analyzer Supplies & Consumables

Elemental Microanalysis BOOTH 1316

  • Designed for the Elementar range of elemental analyzers
  • Can reduce operating costs by up to 30%, often with improved performance
  • Furnace tubes, chemical fillings, absorbents, wear and tear parts are all available for: rapid N, vario EL, vario MACRO,vario MAX classic and cube versions as well as the vario MICRO, vario ISOTOPE, vario PYRO cubes, and other brands

EA Consumables 

Pipette Tips & Centrifuge Tubes

BOOTH 4650

  • Pipette tips with low adhesion are injection molded scientifically to minimize liquid retention and ensure optimal sample yield
  • Centrifuge tubes are autoclavable and ideal for sensitive clinical assays, quantitative analysis, quality control and any other applications where optimal yield and minimum sample loss is required
  • Other high-quality disposable plasticware also available


BDD Electrodes and Products

BOOTH 1227

  • Products include BDDonSi electrodes up to 8” in diameter, BDD microelectrodes and microelectrode arrays (MEAs), optical and IR transparent electrodes (OTE & IRTE) and framed or freestanding BDD foils and windows
  • BDD can be applied on a variety of substrates such as silicon, quartz, metals and diamond itself
  • Polycrystalline and single crystalline diamond products also offered


IVD Products Minitubes

BOOTH 3819

  • Company draws its own tubing and is therefore able to provide users with smooth ID, and low variations in ID and OD dimensions in almost whatever metal material they require
  • Allows improved precision in sampling for seamless capillary tubing, needles and other tubing used in LC/GC and UHPLC
  • Minitubes control the metallurgic and mechanical properties of the various alloys they draw


Manual-inflating Sample Bags

VeriAir Flex BOOTH 1818

  • Offer a patented design that allows a whole air sample to be collected without expensive sampling pumps or equipment
  • Simple, reusable, and made of durable multi-layer foil, VeriAir Flex bags are available in 1 and 5 liter sizes
  • Field tests can be performed with a VeriAir Flex sample bag and still allow sufficient sample for off-site analysis


Filtration Products

BOOTH 1021

  • Available products include: disc and capsule filtration for gases and fluids, defoaming and coalescing filtration, customized specialty filters, ultrafiltration separations and high purity filtration bacterial/ Viral filters, compressor filtration and membrane drying, disposable diagnostic filters, hollow fiber drying for gas analyzers or processes, and humidifying membranes
  • Each product offering begins with the ASC™ “Application Specific Customization” to ensure it meets user requirements


Plastic Containers

UltraLab BOOTH 3924

  • Meets the specific container and preservation requirements of UCMR3
  • Leak-proof closure system withstands vibration and eliminates closure back-off during shipping
  • Closures are molded polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance
  • Constructed from top-quality laboratory-grade resins
  • These translucent HDPE and polypropylene containers undergo rigorous pre-manufacturing design inspections and testing
  • Available assembled and QA checked or pre-cleaned to EPA standards


Cryogenic Vials, Racks and Accessories

CryoFreeze® BOOTH 4351

  • Provide users with safe and handy solutions for the cryogenic preparation, transportation and storage of biological material
  • CF Vials are comprised of FDA-approved, medical grade polypropylene tubes and HDPE caps
  • SSI offers internally threaded caps that maximize vial storage within racks, and externally threaded caps which are ideal for aseptic technique, as they reduce the risk of cross-contamination


Pipette Tips

Vertex™ BOOTH 4351

  • Internal studies have indicated these tips provide less fluid retention and less sample loss
  • NoStick® resin makes the inner surface of the tips considerably more hydrophobic than standard industry tips, enabling viscous fluids in particular to be dispensed more completely
  • Finely tapered tip construction and thinner walls eliminate the need for users to touch off their pipettor