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Fourth Annual Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey - 2010

Results from our fourth annual Salary & Job Satisfaction survey

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In reviewing this year’s survey results, it is not surprising to discern a noticeable belt-tightening on the part of management and a rise in the subsequent stress felt by lab employees. While salaries have stayed about the same, the headcount in individual labs and larger organizations has shrunk. There has also been less investment in training, equipment and basic resources.

Nevertheless—and similar to past surveys—the majority of those working in the scientific research field enjoy what they do and share a sense of purpose and a commitment to their work and organizations. What’s different, however, is the reduced level of trust they feel in the leadership at their organizations.

For a snapshot of this year's survey results, read Pam Ahlberg's article in the October 2010 issue of Lab Manager Magazine.

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