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Freezer Sample Management

The LABREPCO Freezer Rack Configuration removes the guess-work and helps you put together an efficient freezer rack inventory system.

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Problem: Your lab has a variety of ultra low freezers (from various manufacturers and in various sizes) storing samples that belong to a number of researchers. The containers used in the freezers are haphazard and ill-fitting which makes finding things and keeping them organized impossible. Last month, there were so many complaints that there is not enough space available for samples that requests for buying more freezers have been submitted. Not only is there no funding for more freezers, there’s no more space in the lab to house them. As a manager, how can you address the needs for more space without breaking the budget?


LABREPCO Freezer Rack System

Solution: Utilize the newly designed, online solution that removes the guesswork in choosing the correct inventory system to fit your needs. The LABREPCO Freezer Rack Configurator is a unique online system that can help you with your inventory management mess to find what you need quickly for almost any laboratory freezer sold in the U.S.

In the burgeoning environment of online “quick fixes” and while listening to customer requests to provide easy solutions, even when a personal appointment is not possible, LABREPCO has pioneered a format for you to locate online the freezer(s) that you own, determine which type of storage you need, and then order the entire system via its online store. This mechanism can reduce the complexity of the entire process for you down to, in most cases, answering four easy questions:

  1. What type of freezer do you have? (e.g., upright, chest)
  2. Who manufactured your freezer? (e.g., Harris, Sanyo)
  3. What size freezer do you have? (Don’t know? We have a model number guide that has the corresponding size.)
  4. What type of rack do you need? (e.g., racks for 2” boxes, drawer racks for 2” boxes, etc.)

The LABREPCO Freezer Rack Configurator answers the call unlike any other for nagging storage problems that many laboratories have little or no time or resources to address. You can realize increased capacity for samples of 25% or more if your freezer inventory system is correctly configured and implemented.