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From Sample to Result: Precision Meets Productivity to Accelerate Your Workflow

Advanced automation streamlines end-to-end molecular testing and sequencing workflows

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Advanced automation streamlines end-to-end molecular testing and sequencing workflows

by MGI
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Problem: The repetitive and intricate nature of molecular biology procedures, especially next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows, constrains the pace of scientific breakthroughs.

The monotony of laboratory tasks is a well-known challenge, increasing error rates. This challenge is particularly pronounced in molecular testing and NGS workflows, which demand focus and precision. From meticulous pipetting to careful experiment setup and data management, scientists devote extensive hours to repetitive activities. Automating isolated portions of workflows still requires considerable hands-on time and focus. Comprehensive end-to-end solutions are required to alleviate this burden and improve efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of results, liberating precious time for creative thinking and groundbreaking discoveries. 

Solution: Sample-to-result workflow provides automation solutions for sample collection and extraction, sample preparation, and integrated testing.

MGI's sample-to-result workflow encompasses a suite of solutions for an integrated approach to automation. Sample pretreatment products cover a wide range of samples and assays, featuring sample collection and nucleic acid extraction kits, sample transfer and extraction platforms, and magnetic beads. Sample preparation systems tailored for nucleic acid library construction drastically increase walkaway time, like the portable, highly integrated DNBelab D series, an automated liquid handling workstation that leverages digital microfluidic technology. The sample preparation offerings present a versatile selection of systems tailored for nucleic acid library construction. MGI's integrated testing systems, catering to both PCR and high-throughput sequencing technologies, include the modular sequencing workstation MGIFLP-50. They enable labs to scale their operations efficiently while freeing scientists to focus on breakthroughs and scientific innovation.

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