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gas generator equipment technology repair
gas generator equipment technology repair

Gas Generator Solutions® — Play to Your Lab’s Strengths

Delivering the best-in-class exceptional service your lab deserves

by Gas Generator Solutions
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Founded in 2016, Gas Generator Solutions (GGS) services all manufacturers, brands, and models of lab gas generator equipment. 

As the nation’s leading independent lab gas generator service and maintenance specialist, GGS is known as the unbiased industry resource for fast, professional solutions across all types of labs, particularly nitrogen-fueled mass spectrometry technologies.


GGS knows that strong labs protect people — they identify, prevent, and cure diseases. And when a lab goes “down,” time and revenue are lost, schedules are disrupted, and people and institutions are jeopardized. GGS’s five-star repair and maintenance service ensures that labs stay strong and avoid down time. 

GGS also help labs maintain their competitive advantage in a complex, fast-evolving industry — and futureproof them for evolving technology.


  • Advanced Tech Support
  • Rapid-Response onsite repairs
  • Flexible equipment protection plans
  • Consulting
  • Pre-owned lab gas generators and equipment 
  • A full inventory of genuine equipment parts

On Call Technical Support 

Speed and responsiveness are crucial to labs and the customers who count on them. GGS’ first addresses problems via their Tech Support Team, staffed by trusted, experienced technicians.

On Site Service & Repairs 

If hands-on assistance is needed, GGS provides time-sensitive, on-site service in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Only genuine, manufacturer-supplied parts are used.


GGS boasts a five-star customer satisfaction rating for a service model that’s the best in the business, built on 360º collaboration to keep labs strong, with minimum down time.


GGS’ single-minded focus on being the best in lab gas generator repairs, servicing, and maintenance has made them one of the leading industry experts regarding the technical requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of virtually every generator on the market today. In fact, many major gas generator brand manufacturers rely on GGS to manage their day-to-day repair and maintenance activities. 

GGS’ unbiased advice and guidance guarantees a collective effort toward reinforcing strong labs everywhere. Clients who work with GGS are guaranteed a proactive consultative partner characterized by a highly responsive, reliable, and efficient servicing model that is adaptable to the lab’s needs and the lab manager’s expectations.

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