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Glove Inspection, Use, Care and Removal

Once youve selected the gloves that are ideal for your application, you should inspect them for defects before entering into the action. You should check for punctures, signs of cracks, discoloration, etc.

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Inspection, Use & Care

1. Before use, inspect glove for punctures or signs of degradation (swelling, shrinking, cracking, discoloration, etc.). Test for pinholes by blowing or trapping air inside and rolling them out. Do not test by filling with water.

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2. Disposable gloves should be changed when there is any sign of contamination. Long term exposure and damage to the glove’s surface can reduce the protection offered. Reusable gloves should be washed frequently if used for an extended period of time.

3. While wearing gloves, be careful only to handle the materials involved in the task. Touching equipment, phones, wastebaskets or other surfaces may cause contamination. Be aware of touching the face, hair, and clothing as well.

4. Before removal, wash the outsides. Once the gloves are safely removed, wash hands immediately with soap and water.

5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and caring for reusable gloves. Ensure they are properly stored. Dispose of single use gloves properly as well.


While removing, avoid allowing your skin to come in contact with the exterior of the gloves. Gloves should be removed using the following technique:

1. Grasp the exterior of one glove with your other gloved hand.

2. Carefully pull the glove off your hand, turning it inside-out (the contamination is now on the inside).

3. Ball the glove up and hold in your other gloved hand.

4. Slide your ungloved finger into the opening of the other glove (avoid touching the exterior).

5. Carefully pull the glove off your hand, turning it inside out again (all contamination is contained).

6. Discard appropriately.