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High Quality 8-Position Parallel Reaction Station

The DrySyn OCTO Mk II is an ideal tool for chemists performing syntheses and screening reactions in parallel

by Asynt
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Asynt's DrySyn OCTO Mk II 8-position reaction station.

Asynt has introduced a second-generation version of its popular DrySyn OCTO reaction station that delivers the same outstanding performance, at the same price, with improved features and a new, more aesthetically pleasing, design.

Like its popular predecessor, the DrySyn OCTO Mk II is an 8-position reaction station that provides chemists with powerful magnetic stirring, heating, inert atmosphere and reflux, all within a compact footprint. The DrySyn OCTO Mk II is an ideal tool for chemists performing syntheses and screening reactions in parallel.

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Martyn Fordham, managing director of Asynt, said, "Though our DrySyn OCTO users worldwide were delighted with the performance, versatility, and value for money the product offered, as an engineer, I thought that we could improve the product's aesthetic design. Our new Mk II design employs improved manufacturing techniques to get rid of plugged drill holes, introduces engraved labels for reaction positions (A-G), and now includes high-quality stainless-steel fittings to improve user maintenance and reconfiguration. All-in-all, a great product is now even better."

Accommodating individual reaction volumes of up to 6 mL, the DrySyn OCTO Mk II has been designed to use standard low-cost reaction tubes to minimize your expenditure on consumable items. To further increase your parallel synthesis productivity, up to three DrySyn OCTO Mk II reaction stations can be used together on a single standard magnetic hotplate stirrer, therefore enabling you to perform up to 24 simultaneous reactions.

To watch a video introduction to the DrySyn OCTO Mk II please visit For further information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Asynt at +44-1638-781709, or

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