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HORIBA Scientific Introduces Automatic Sipper Accessory for Aqualog and 4-Sample Changer Unit for Sipper

Obtain continuous measurements in water extraction and other applications

by HORIBA Scientific
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HORIBA Scientific, a global leader in fluorescence instrumentation and solutions, is pleased to announce that it now is offering an automatic sipper accessory and a 4-sample changer unit for its Aqualog® A-TEEM spectrometer.

HORIBA Scientific Introduces Automatic Sipper Accessory for Aqualog and 4-Sample Changer UnitThe new Sipper accessory handles sampling from a single source, in addition to rinsing solutions, detergent, and reverse-flow drainage. The sample changer unit connects to the main sipper unit to allow for sampling of up to four sources with a simple connection to the sample inlet of the main sample unit. The sipper can monitor raw, settled and finished water samples. Each sample changer unit is compatible with overflow and filtration devices, for up to four independent water treatment plant sources.

The sipper offers convenient installation and operation, with built-in automatic cleaning, leak detection, and protection. It is fully integrated into the new Aqualog 4.0 software sample Q for batch analysis and is fully compatible with the Aqualog DataStream Dashboard HTML software interface which facilitates monitoring and optimization of water treatment processes for dissolved organic carbon and disinfection by-product formation potential monitoring.

Together with the integrated Aqualog Datastream Dashboard, which facilitates monitoring and optimization of water treatment processes, water treatment facilities are able to obtain the latest readings, time series, and tables for trends and analysis.

HORIBA’s Aqualog, a compact, benchtop spectrometer, simultaneously measures absorbance spectra and fluorescence transmission EEMs. This technology, named A-TEEM™: Absorbance and Transmission Excitation Emission Matrix, acquires EEMs up to 100 times faster than with other instruments. A-TEEM fingerprints molecules with high specificity and ultrahigh-sensitivity enabling researches to identify, quantify, and understand dynamics of fluorescing and absorbing molecular states, and mixtures.

“The main application is to monitor the effects of chemical treatment on dissolved organic carbon concentration and composition,” said Adam Gilmore, fluorescence product manager for HORIBA Scientific. “On average, Aqualog, with the new sipper and sample changer, can typically save five to 10 percent of a treatment plant’s annual chemical budget, simply by avoiding overdosing.”