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HORIBA Scientific Introduces New Uvisel Plus, the Reference Ellipsometer for Thin Film Measurements

New Uvisel Plus includes the next generation of FastAcq technology with increased measurement accuracy

by HORIBA Scientific
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HORIBA Scientific, global leader in spectroscopic ellipsometry for over 25 years, is proud to announce the launch of their new UVISEL Plus, a modular ellipsometer which includes the newest acquisition technology designed to measure thin film samples faster, and more accurately than ever.

UVISEL Plus FastAcq, the newest acquisition technology, is based on double modulation, designed for real world thin film characterization. Based on a new electronic data processing and high speed monochromator, the new FastAcq technology enables a sample measurement from 190 to 2100nm to be completed within 3 minutes, at high resolution. The possibility to continuously adjust the spectral resolution along the measurement range enables to scan a sample smarter and faster. The UVISEL Plus also introduces a new calibration procedure, delivering faster performance and accuracy.  

Thanks to its design which has no rotating elements and no additional components in the optical path, HORIBA’s UVISEL Series phase modulation technology has been the industry standard for delivering the most pure and efficient polarization modulation for accurate ellipsometric parameter measurements. The superior polarization modulation capabilities of the photoelastic modulator deliver the highest sensitivity for measurement of critical thin transparent layers deposited onto glass substrates.

Designed for enhanced flexibility for thin film measurements, the UVISEL Plus offers microspots for patterned samples down to 50µm, variable angle from 40 to 90°, an automatic horizontal mapping stage and a variety of accessories, making it scalable to meet all of your application and budget needs. The spectral range from 190 to 2100 nm is covered by only two UVISEL Plus configurations: 190-920 nm and a NIR extension up to 2100 nm. The easy upgradability is a hallmark of the UVISEL Plus to meet your future ongoing demanding applications. Driven by the most advanced DeltaPsi2 software platform, as well as the Auto-Soft interface featuring an intuitive workflow to speed up data collection and analysis, the UVISEL Plus allows users from novice to expert to perform thin film measurements with the highest accuracy and sensitivity.

The UVISEL Plus and its FastAcq technology is the most versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer for thin film thickness and optical constant measurements in the fields of materials research and processing, flat panel displays, microelectronics, and photovoltaics.

The UVISEL Plus is considered a reference ellipsometer for ultimate materials science.  

The UVISEL Plus comes with on-site installation and training, technical support, and application support to help optimize your thin film modeling.  For more information, click here