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How a Single-Step Spill Agent Works

Problem: An emergency spill response plan is part of every laboratory safety protocol. However, despite all the best precautions, accidents can happen! Laboratories often house chemicals such as acids, bases, solvents and flammables—all of which can be toxic to human health and the environment if used incorrectly or spilled.

by Premier Magnesia
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Traditionally, spills have been addressed by the use of absorbents, or a variety of spill-specific neutralizers (that is, one agent specific for acids, one agent specific for bases, etc.). However, there are several issues with these types of individualized approaches:

  • Absorbents: Absorbents will do just that; absorb a spill. But that alone does not change the chemical properties of the spill. A toxic spill will potentially remain toxic after being absorbed only. 
  • Individualized neutralizers: In the case of emergency spill response, time is of the essence. The use of individualized neutralizers specific to certain spills necessitates that you know what your spill is (acid or base, for example) before employing treatment. This identification phase requires time, and the longer it takes to address the spill, the more dangerous the situation becomes. 

The faster the spill response, the safer the situation. Finding the quickest and most efficient way to deal with spills is essential for the safety of you and those around you.

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Solution: A laboratory safety protocol involving the use of a single-step spill agent ensures that spills will be  addressed as quickly as possible. Employing one, multi-function agent that not only absorbs a chemical spill, but also neutralizes and is safe to use on acids, bases, solvents and flammables, offers the most streamlined approach to dealing with an emergency. 

The Amphomag® universal spill neutralizer, manufactured exclusively by Premier Magnesia, LLC, is a leading technology in emergency response. Amphomag® is a unique, rapid response chemistry that safely absorbs and treats all spills. This single product can be applied in any emergency situation to safely and easily control hazardous releases. It is used to: neutralize acids, neutralize bases, adsorb liquids, control odors and neutralize gases. This product also contains a multi-range pH indicator that further simplifies spill response. When applied to the spill, Amphomag®’s color turns to red for acids and blue for bases.

Advantages of a one-step spill solution:

  • Quicker spill response—the spilled material doesn't require identification before agent is applied
  • One solution for acids and bases, volatile organic compounds as well as inorganic chemicals like chlorine, ammonia,sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride
  • Stable for long-term containment of highly hazardous materials because neutralized
  • No misapplication or overdosing
  • Safer and easier to use, requiring minimal special training and safety equipment
  • Reduced heat and spattering seen with commodity neutralizers

The more efficiently and effectively you can address emergency scenarios in your environment, the better off you will be from a safety, cost and liability standpoint. It’s important to continually re-evaluate your protocols to ensure that you have the best program and products available for your lab to deal with any unforeseen situations as quickly as possible. And at the end of the day, minimizing the steps to safety is the best road to safety. 

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