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How to Ensure Optimal and Reliable Balance Performance with an Anti-Vibration Table

Balances are highly sensitive and, ideally, should be used in a room with as few disturbances as possible

by Adam Equipment
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Your Problem

Vibrations from nearby equipment are affecting my balance’s results. What can I do to make sure my readings don’t fluctuate?

Analytical and precision balances can be extremely susceptible to outside interference, whether from vibrations caused by nearby lab equipment, refrigerators, ventilation systems or air currents. Subtle, nearly imperceptible outside factors like movement can affect weighing results, especially with precise instruments like an analytical balance (which is meant to detect very fine increments) and small samples. The calibration process can also be affected by fluctuations from vibrations, which can alter readings even further.

Our Solution

Create a dedicated balance workstation using an anti-vibration table to ensure accurate readings.

Balances are highly sensitive and, ideally, should be used in a room with as few disturbances as possible. Space is often at a premium in laboratories, so a metrology room may not be possible. While disturbances from air currents can be eliminated with a draft shield, the best way to compensate for movement or shock is with an anti-vibration table. An anti-vibration table prevents the transfer of motion between the tabletop and the work surface. The work surface, which is often made from stone, is separated from the tabletop by shock-absorbing rubber mounts and the table itself utilizes levelling feet to accommodate uneven flooring.

AVT anti-vibration table by Adam EquipmentCredit: Adam 


Create an ergonomically styled weighing and calibration station with Adam Equipment’s easy-to-set-up AVT (anti-vibration table). AVT offers a solid, stable surface developed specifically to help decrease vibration during measurement and a 15.7” x 17.7” / 400 x 450mm internal working surface, allowing ample space for a balance. Its large, scratch-resistant dark granite slab sits on shock-absorbing rubber mounts. A balance, such as Adam Equipment’s Equinox or Solis series, fits in the middle of the AVT’s granite surface, stabilizing the base and enabling greater precision.

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