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HX204 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Perform your moisture and TDS measurements in minutes, not hours.

HX204 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

The HX204 measures moisture with a high accuracy and repeatability for all applications, even in samples with very low moisture contents.  It has many built in features to ensure continual measurement performance and data integrity


Halogen Heating

The halogen lamp provides fast heating and precise temperature control.

Best in Class Accuracy

Highly accurate results thanks to a separation of heating and weighing functions, a hanging weighing pan, and a high-performance load cell (0.1 mg readability).

Flat Stainless Steel Surface

Durable for frequent use and can be cleaned in 30 seconds!

Results Prediction

The embedded QuickPredict™ function predicts the final result of moisture measurements in a fraction of the usual measurement time. This allows quicker decision making and expedites further analysis.

Designed for Data Integrity

User management, automated results export/printing, and an auto-lock option help for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and ALCOA+ principles.