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Improve Pipetting Accuracy with A&D Weighing's MPA Series

A&D Weighing’s MPA Electronic Pipette Series offers a solution to the fundamental concerns created by mechanical pipetting.

by A & D Weighing

Many researchers and technicians perform repetitive pipette operations daily to create reagents or samples for use in various clinical analyses. However, in these present circumstances manually operated pipettes could present a number of problems for users.

Among the most concerning of these problems is the risk of repetitive stress injury (RSI) developing with the thumbs of many researchers after repetitive operation over an extended period of time. Another problem is that for accurate dispensing, experiance and consistent operation is required as individual variability between operators is estimated to be 10-20% for aspirating and dispensing volumes. This causes variation in sample size, and as a result, the level of repeatability in tests drops considerably. Further problems include the comparatively high cost of sending pipettes to an outside facility for repair or calibration, the lengthy duration this will take, and the fact that traceability cannot be guaranteed until the next calibration.

The A&D Weighing MPA Series was designed to solve the common problems of manual pipetting. MPA pipettes are built to the same high quality specifications as A&D balances and pipette testers in laboratories around the world. MPA’s volume management is based on the gravimetric method using a weighing instrument, which allows compliance with the international standard for pipette management, ISO8655. The MPA Series includes four micropipette models with capacity ranges of 10/20/200/1200 μL, and a large volume model with a 10 mL range of capacity. The MPA Series can lead to great improvements in productivity, increases in quality and advances in workplace health and safety by greatly reducing occurrences of problems such as repetitive strain injuries.

MPA’s unique ergonomic design eliminates/ minimizes user fatigue and repetitive stress by operating with the ball of the index finger, not the thumb, to maintain a natural effortless grip. MPA’s automated dispensing eliminates individual variability between users and each pipetting cycle. The multiple dispensing mode allows for maximum repeatability, efficiency and minimum fatigue. With an industry leading price/performance ratio, the MPA Series ensures accuracy with the user self calibration (adjustment) function that allows you to simply input the correct value measured by a balance. Self-calibration corrects errors arising from temperature, handling and varying tip characteristics.

Calibrate, display and dispense by volume (μL), or weight (mg) to simplify the entire pipetting process. Additional advantages include automatic mechanical backlash correction. Impact-absorbing padding protects the LCD panel in case of drops or falls. Each MPA includes 4 operation modes, 9 program memories and 1,800 pipette cycles on a single charge, Performance Test Results Certificate and an AC charger. Autoclaveable lower assembly. Protected by a 3-year warranty from A&D. Best of all you now have a true alternative to mechanical pipettes - for nearly the same cost! A&D Weighing, ISO 9001 Certified, headquartered in San Jose, California was founded in 1977 and inspired by innovations in Analog to Digital conversion.

A&D is a global leader in advanced measurement instruments for the laboratory, industrial and specialty markets.

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